Tuesday's Tidbits

Rory was on her play phone the other night ordering candy. She asked Brian if he wanted, "hard candy, easy candy, or chocolate candy."

And speaking of candy. My tastebuds have made a 180 degree turn since my surgery and subsequent chemo treatments. Sweets are no longer nearly as appetizing to me. My beloved Diet Mt. Dew tastes disgusting. I'm not sure I've had any chocolate. And I crave Chinese food.  This is so not like me.

A dear scrapbooking friend sent us money to hire a house keeper during some of my chemo months, and we had our first cleaning Friday. I felt like a woman of leisure, and it was amazing. Such a thoughtful gift (and one new habit I'm going to have a hard time giving up!).

Rory had a playdate with Emma yesterday (see picture below) and told me on the way over that she was going to have a "flabulous" time.

Since my surgery March 30, I have rarely been alone and certainly not left alone with the kiddos too often. This week alone with Rory is kind of fun, although I have to say that my girl does not know the meaning of entertaining herself. Thank goodness I'm feeling good and can provide some of that entertainment. Today we're going to lunch and then shopping with my sister.

Loving Isaiah 43:18-19 today, "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

Rory said last night, "I had a good idea. But I don't know what it was."

I am not a puzzle girl. Not at all. So last night when Rory asked me to help her put together her 100-piece Fancy Nancy puzzle that my dear mother bought (think pink, glitter, all looks the same), I said yes. But it was one hour full of torture. Yes, one hour. Combine my chemo brain with Rory's complete lack of focus, and it was a very long hour. 

My favorite picture ever of Rory and Emma.


Did I even mention here that we cut Rory's hair last week? Cause we did.


Anonymous said…
What a wonderful gift of scripture for today and tomorrow.
These pictures are *fantastic!* And man, I'd love a puzzle right about now... perfect summer evening activity...
Amy said…
I love that picture of those 2 sweet girls! And Rory's haircut is adorable!!
Grace said…
you totally earn a serious momma badge for stickin' with that puzzle! i couldn't do it!
and goodness, i think little miss rory just gets more beautiful with every picture!
Elizabeth Frick said…
My goodness, that girl is adorable! I love that photo of her and Emma!
Rory and her phone-order candy... my kind of girl! I'm sorry you've lost your sweet tooth. Though, I should probably lose mine...

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