A Big, Huge, Not-Enough-Words Thank You

My friend Melissa (who masterminded this event) commented on pinterest the other day that we must have been separated at birth because our tastes are so similar, and it's true. This came through with the choices she made when shopping for me; through clothing choices for our two little girls; through decorating ideas we have. But it came through most of all when she planned yet another event for our family.

Several weeks after the big box of fun (as I like to call it) arrived, I received yet another box from Melissa and her family. She had sent me a Jo Tote camera bag (something I'd been coveting for months). But the really big news was that she had contacted Angela Crutcher, who happens to be my photography idol, and arranged for a photo shoot for our family. She knew me well enough to know that a family photo shoot would mean more than anything to me.

So 3 days before my chemo treatments started, we met Angela on a very stormy, windy afternoon and with lightning flashing around us took pictures in the middle of a beautiful field of flowers. Now, not only is Angela my photography idol because of her gorgeous pictures, but she has a beautiful generous spirit. She donated a session to our family when we adopted Rory (click here) and now she's donated a family session. And I know we are not the only ones to benefit from her generosity.

So thank you with all my heart to Angela for her talent and to Melissa for knowing what would mean the most to our family.

Here are a few of my favorites:















Those are so LOVELY!!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh, Melissa... my heart just SINGS looking at these photos. Angela captured the joy and love in every single one of you. And what wonderful people she and Melissa are for finding the perfect gift for you! So lovely.
Kelly said…
GORGEOUS photos...they actually brought tears to my eyes.
What a beautiful gift!
M :-) said…
I really do think we were separated at birth! ;)

You are more than welcome for everything. I am SO happy that this all came together and worked out -- the photos are STUNNING! You look gorgeous, the kids look adorable and so happy, and Brian looks very handsome. (I couldn't leave him out!) I can't even pick a favorite, because they are all so lovely.
gorgeous photos, Melissa!!! Absolutely wonderful! and you are looking FABULOUS in those tiny jeans, by the way!!!
Shelly said…
Oh my goodness.... what a WONDERFUL gift! All the pictures are absolutely beautiful!
Joy said…
Eewwww....you didn't tell me there were "kissing pictures"!! LOL ; ). Angela captured the love and spirit of fun in your family so perfectly. The last picture of you is just beautiful and I don't think I could pick a favorite - they are all so good. What an amazing gift from Melissa and Angela.
WOW--what an amazing gift! The pictures are amazing of all of you, but Rory is so exceptionally photogenic!
That last one of you is stunning!!
Anonymous said…
All I can say is WOW! They are wonderful.
Jolie said…
AMAZING!!!! Such a blessing! The pictures are just beautiful! :)
Mayme said…
Grace said…
these are so beautiful! what an amazing gift! you can just tell how much love lives in your family!
my favorite is the one of you and rory where she's covering face and giggling -- just adorable.
Brenda Shearon said…
great family photos!
Oh come ON! Now I'm a weepy mess all over again. Every single part of this is beautiful... you, Melissa, the bag, the gift, Angela, the photos... LOVE.
Amy said…
What a sweet gift! Every single one of these pictures are gorgeous, Melissa!
Krista said…
OMG, what an amazing gift! I'm all teary at how beautiful the shots are - don't know why. And the last glam shot... wowsa!
Dina said…
Thank you for such beautiful posts. I have been catching up on blogging and hope you are doing well. You all look stunning!

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