Side note: I'm going to be so sad when Rory stops mispronouncing words. :)

A week ago today, the four of us loaded up and headed to Chattanooga for a fun 48 hours. Because the overwhelming majority of our family lives spread across the country (think WV, VA, OK, UT, IL), we rarely just head somewhere for a few days just the 4 of us so this was extra special.

Here's our trip photos in all of their unedited glory. :)

We hit the pool first thing Sunday night.

And hit up Starbucks for a little Wifi and coffee Monday morning (since our hotel was sorely lacking both departments).

Chattanooga Aquarium - so much fun. Camden kept saying all day, "this is the best day of my life." (notice Rory isn't wet yet)

The shark tank was Camden's favorite.

We took a break from the fish and went to see the iMax movie, which was one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was a documentary on orphaned elephants and orangutans. And we know I'm not an animal lover, but this was just plain fun.

After the aquarium we found a splash pad and let the kids play. Did I mention it was 98 degrees both days we were there? Miserable!


After swimming, ice cream was a must, and I have to say that I'm still dreaming about it. Ice cream will always be my first choice of dessert, but I'm pretty snobby about it. This little bowl had everything - firm texture, coffee ice cream with oreos and pecans in it.


Camden loves food as much as anyone I know!


Did I mention it was 98 degrees outside?

Tuesday morning we got up and went to the Incline Railroad. We found out later that we didn't actually have to drive the scenic route to ride it, but I was so glad we made the trip.





My favorite pictures of the weekend are these next two. Brian and I are pretty strict parents. Okay, some might call us uptight. :) But on vacation we really wanted the kiddos to get to do whatever they wanted. So if that meant sprite at every meal, or popcorn in bed at 10:00 p.m. because sleep wasn't coming, we did it.

This is the life.


Brian and I came home from this "vacation" feeling like we needed a vacation because sharing a small room with a 7 and 4 year old isn't the most relaxing thing ever, but it was a lovely two days of family time. And we're all going to remember the year we went to "Chaccanooga" and Rory went swimming with the sting rays.


Oh, I LOVE Chattanooga. Okay, the ice cream looks amazing, and coming from a fellow strict parent, I totally agree--vacations are for bending the rules!!!!
Uhm, I love the depth of field in these shots. LOVE.

(I, of course, also love the photos themselves...)

This looks like a blast! So much fun in two days... and rule-breaking to boot?! Awesome. (I break rules too... except for bedtime!) ;-)
Krista said…
Looks like a fun (albeit hot) vacation! The aquarium looks like so much fun!
Anonymous said…
I had to laugh when I read the "uptight" description. DH & I are definitely in that category, too. Love to break the rules for snacks & sweets though!
:) Renee
Amy said…
It looks like a wonderful trip and sounds like just what you all needed. I just love that picture of the kids standing in front of the shark tank...absolutely breathtaking!
Janet said…
HOT IS RIGHT?!!! Wow. I would have melted into a puddle...but would have easily been revived if someone had offered me that ice cream. I am also a HUGE fan of ice cream (people that aren't are just plain weird...there, I said it). I could eat some every day...and usually do. Great photos, especially of the aquarium and your adorable children. Cute!
Grace said…
i am cracking up at the kids enjoying their no-rules vacation in bed :) so cute!
this looks like it was so much fun and a perfect getaway!
and, does rory's pink bathing suit come in grownup sizes? because i love it!

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