Tuesday's Tidbits, a bit late

First up I should Happy Anniversary to my better half. Fourteen years ago (yesterday) we promised to love each other for better or worse, and it's all been better with him by my side.

Our friend Mayme brought supper to us last night and Camden has declared her "the best cooker ever."

For whatever reason, I've been in a serious redecorating mood. You know. In between bouts of nausea and extreme fatigue and chemo treatments. I used to love to decorate, paint, buy new pillows, etc. I may have even been known to do some stenciling along the walls (hello, 90's!). And then Camden came along and all my extra money went to dressing him. Then I discovered scrapbooking and photography. And we all know what happened to the clothing budget when Rory joined our family. Needless to say, there has been no decorating money for a while. Not that there's any now, but I've been scouring do-it-yourself blogs and decided to touch up the bathroom and our bedroom. Want to see the first thing I bought? These adorable Paris prints that are going to go in the bathroom. And the color scheme to go with it? This black/white damask shower curtain and eggshell blue paint. Poor Brian did not know he was going to spend summer break repainting dressers and doors.

red paris

Clearly summer break has begun. The kids have been outside for approximately an hour and have run through the house every 30 seconds. I just walked in the bathroom and found mud on the floor, grass on the rug, both basement doors open, empty water bottles on the cabinet, and an unflushed toilet.

I actually stayed in bed all night last night. I know this doesn't sound like much, but ever since my surgery 2 months ago, there has been very little sleep around here. And last night I didn't get up at all! I was up at 5:00, but that's okay.
Because I'm sure you're all dying for an update on a cancer patient's bald head, let me just say that this process is not as neat and clean as you might imagine. First I had it shaved into a lovely butch cut. Next up comes a little rubbing off of the hairline. And this morning in the shower there was a mass hair exodus and I have enormous bald patches. It is not pretty.

I would love to show you the pictures from the last week or so, but after an unfortunate Academic Superstore order that went missing, I let my Lightroom 3 trial run out and Adobe is currently shipping me a new one. But when it arrives, I have pictures from a tea party with Aunt Becky, pictures of the three Hale sisters, pictures of Camden and Rory meeting two lovely little blogger buddies. Not to mention bald pictures. Exciting, right?

And thank you once again for the sweet emails, facebook comments, and mail I've received lately. This cycle has been hard. But you all make it a little bit easier.


sandy atwood said…
Please know we are often praying for you and wishing strength and peace your way...
Joy said…
Love your remodel idea! I'm sure Brian won't mind... : )

Sorry this treatment has knocked you down so much. Just keep thinking about how wonderful you feel when it is all behind you. Praying for you!
doing a bit of redecorating is always fun! hope it keeps your spirits lifted!
Love the redecorating kick.. LOVE. Can't wait to see all the pics! Hang in there!!!
Amy said…
Okay, now you've got me in a redecorating mood, and, of course, all of my money is going toward clothing for you know who! I do love that shower curtain, though. Black and white is one of my favorite combos! Can't wait to see those new pics when you post them. Still praying for you, friend!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Ok, I was totally cracking up over your summertime "discoveries" of bathroom mess. I know it's not funny when you're the one discovering it, but I just love imagining what actually happened to cause it all. And the fact that the kids get so wrapped up in what they're doing that there's just NO TIME to stop and clean up :)
I love the scheme you're going with for your redecorating. I'm tempted to say you've inspired me to do some myself... but I'm just terribly lazy about it. I'll enjoy your decorating vicariously.
I'm VERY glad that you were able to stay in bed all night last night. I'm sure that makes a big difference in how you feel!
Anonymous said…
I've got some lovely yarn and I'm crocheting you some cute caps. (I'm stuck halfway through one right now - gotta figure out what in the world the person who wrote the pattern meant in the directions.) I'm finishing up the accursed Battelle then tackling the rest of that cap is my next project.

Any favorite colors you'd like to request?
Melissa said…
Sarah, I'm sure anything will be good, but I'm definitely partial to teal, aqua, blues when it comes to clothes. :)
Grace said…
happy belated anniversary!
i ADORE those prints! gorgeous!

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