Thousand Gifts 297-319

Look who made it home Friday!

And look who was very excited to see him.

Oh, yes, that would be 3 garbage bags full of laundry from the week of camp.

Two very tired Lewis boys.

In fact, Camden didn't even make it through lunch before sleeping for 4 straight hours (and we had to try hard to wake him up after 4 hours).

I did not do a great job with my Thousand Gifts the past 2 weeks. Chemo brain seems to make my memory even worse than normal so I need to do a better job of jotting things down as they happen. On my mind specifically today are Tim, my brother-in-law who has a job interview this morning; my sister Elizabeth who has knee surgery this afternoon; and my brother-in-law Micah who takes his medical boards all day. Alot to pray for!

297. phone calls from my mom
298. hunger pains
299. Rory's long floppy pigtails
300. Camden's spontaneous hug to Rory when she hurt herself
301. quiet time
302. anti-nausea drugs
303. meals from church family
304. meeting blogging friends
305. ice cold root beer
306. Brian being finished up at school
307. seeing Glenda finish up chemo
308. new friends who write encouraging notes
309. Camden having a good week at camp
310. feeling better
311. for someone to clean my house
312. new devotional books
313. for extra time with Rory
313. for family that is close enough to see often
314. Isaiah 40:11 "He takes care of His flock like a shepherd. He gathers the lambs in His arms. He carries them close to His heart. He gently leads those that have little ones."
315. good bloodwork results 5 weeks in a row
316. feeling well enough to go to church and play the piano
317. for answered prayer
318. for time to spend quiet moments with God, even if they do come at 3:00 a.m.
319. for freshly painted chairs


Krista said…
I love seeing how much your kids love each other- they are so sweet.
I have NO excuse and I am so far behind on my Thousand Gifts list. You are doing great!
That hug photo is beautiful! (And are all of these natural light?! I'm so so so jealous!!)
Grace said…
oh dear, that hug just melts my heart!
Anonymous said…
Your two kids hugging is an adorable photo.
:) Renee

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