Look what we did Tuesday. And by we I mostly mean Brian although I am responsible for a coat of paint on the red and yellow chairs.


And I already put the yellow one to good use. Despite what it looks like, my kids are SO over having their picture taken. Brian used bodily function noises to help me out. :)



And as far as the other projects in the house, the closet doors in our bedroom and bathroom are now painted white, shower curtain purchased, cool Paris prints have arrived, pretty blue paint ready for the bathroom, and a new ceiling fan and light fixture is installed in the living room. The one that was there was at least 15 years old and more than a little outdated.


The chairs look great! All of these little projects sound so fun. I am impressed!
I am so so so jealous of those chairs! SO JEALOUS.

And, if that's non-cooperating, I'd like to show you what it looks like at our house... it's not nearly as pretty. :-)

And I can't wait to see the bedroom finished... it sounds GORGEOUS!
Joy said…
Love those chairs! ; )

Please post pictures of your redecorating! I am seriously going to need some ideas!
Janet said…
Those chairs look awesome...perfect for your photos too. Beautiful!
Joanna B said…
Super cute chairs! And super cute pictures of Rory, too. When I get out my camera, my daughter has started to get a pained expression.:-) I've taken to bribing her with chocolate chips...
M :-) said…
I am in love with those chairs. Seriously love them!

I can't wait to see pictures of your bedroom and bathroom. :)

The pictures of Rory are beautiful - I love the pop of color from the chair.
KrisJ said…
AWESOME!! I have 3 chairs unfinished.. you guys want to finish mine? Its the sanding part that I hate!
Adorable pics.. can I lay claim to that outfit!
Krista said…
You have been a busy little bee! The chairs are so cheery! A fresh coat of paint is often just what something needs isnt' it?
Grace said…
these are AWESOME!!!! looooove them!
Love the chairs (I have a white one I would love to paint a bold color)
and I can't wait to see the before and after pictures of the redos! (I will post or send you some of mine soon)
Kelly said…
Totally love those chairs!!!

Everyone always assumes Briar loves the camera, but quite the opposite--she is a *stinker* about 95% of the time when I try to take hers and often have to resort to being silly to get her to smile or look at the camera. And, even then, I have to be SUPER quick to click!
Elizabeth Frick said…
The chairs are adorable!
And I have to say that Rory's smile in that second shot reminds me so very much of Winona Ryder/Keira Knightly. Is that strange of me?

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