So I took Rory for her first pedicure yesterday, and it was quite an experience let me tell you. First of all, Rory just thought that this was a great opportunity to talk to new people. And, they're kind of stuck in front of her so they had to listen. There was a slight language barrier between the little Vietnamese girl who didn't speak great English but tried desperately to understand my 4 year old. Most of the time she just nodded away and really that's all the encouragement Rory needs. Actually, it was the girl who was giving me a pedicure (really, taking Rory was just an excuse to get a pedicure myself) and Rory was quite fascinated that a BOY was going to paint her nails. She sat on the edge of her seat with a Sprite and thought that she was every bit of 18 and grown up.

Rory was unaware of the second conversation going on around her, but three workers all separately asked me what country she was from and then were surprised because I said Korea. They all commented on her round eyes and eye crease and said how beautiful she was because of those features. Now I've read the articles and heard that her round eyes and eye crease are considered beautiful in the Asian culture, but it's the first time we've experienced it first hand. Actually, as I'm writing this, I'm remembering several Korean flight attendants on our way home from Korea commenting on her eyes and saying they knew she would be beautiful as an adult because of them. It was interesting because each time the workers at the nail salon would say Korea, it was accompanied by a hand gesture up at their eyes pulling their eyes into slits. I didn't quite know how to take it, but they were all very sweet to Rory and gave her lots of attention which is nice because after a week alone with the girly, I'm kind of tired of being the sole attention giver. :)

Warning: ugly feet ahead. Rory was in charge of color selection although I've been wanting to try blue anyway.

And then we had some watermelon at lunch time and Rory really wanted to eat it on the rind so I took her outside. She was so funny spitting out seeds!


Warning: very unladylike pose ahead.

Warning: extreme close ups.


And that concludes the end of the warnings.


Very interesting. I would not think that Asians would pull back their eyes like that. Well, I don't know if it's her eyes or what, but we all know that Rory is gorgeous!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Ha! I love all the warnings. And I was particularly cautious after the foot warning :)
I'm with the other Elizabeth... Rory is so beautiful and I can't wait to see the lovely lady she grows up to be! (Not that I'm rushing things here...)
I can't wait to do pedicures w/ Bella (heck I can't wait to get my first one)! I too have heard lots about the eye crease, but we haven't encountered it personally yet!

Keep the pictures coming!
Joy said…
That's so interesting about the eye crease. Both of my kids are supposed to have it (or so the agencies told us). Fascinating!

I feel your "pain" on the paint color. Sumner picked out the color for our toes for the summer - hot pink. When does a redhead EVER wear hot pink? LOL! I think I like your blue better!
Krista said…
what fun girly time! I've read about this special tape korean women will use on their eyes to make them look a gorgeous as Rory's - bizaar! Here's a link to the video
Grace said…
so an asian, we always say that we can tell other asians apart, and for the most part, it's true -- there are features that are distinct to a particularly ethnicity. i just think it's strange that they pulled their eyes back to describe "korean" eyes!
regardless, rory's eyes ARE gorgeous and she is just beautiful!

and i'm totally giggling at the image of her chattin' away with the ladies!
Rory is beautiful, for sure! I'm surprised about the eye gesture too... BUT... One asian man did something similar when relaying a conversation to his wife (?). Based on the conversation we had prior to that with him, I think he was saying he was expecting Spencer's eyes to be more slanted. (The curly hair and "open" eye shape confuses some Koreans we've run into) Not that it's an excuse, but maybe sheds some light on it?!

Oh, and the koream journal did an article on the plastic surgery so many koreans are having to achieve the "double lid" look. I bet if you search for it on the iamkoream site, you can find it?

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