Sprung a Leak

You know how in those dramatic movie (or TV) scenes when someone gets shot, and they pull the shirt back to see the gory bullet hole and the blood is just bubbling over? Yep, that would be me. Okay, so not blood or getting shot, but my IP stomach port started leaking yesterday shortly after chemo just like that. Seriously bubbling (or gushing if i want to be more dramatic) out running down my stomach, legs, etc. I had strict orders from the doctor to spend the afternoon and evening flat on my back in an effort to stop the leaking, and it finally slowed down sometime in the middle of the night, but not before changing the dressing way too many times to count, drenching several shirts and towels. Fun times. Cycle 3 is living up to the hype - many of the chemo patients I've talked to said that it was after cycle 3 that they couldn't go back to work, took much longer to recoup, etc. Not complaining here, but I'm definitely finding it true that the pains/nausea/sickies/neuropathy in my feet has hit much more quickly this time.

In other news, Camden and Rory spent the day yesterday with some of Brian's co-workers and their children, and did they ever have a great time! They literally spent the entire day in the pool barely breaking even for lunch. They came home tired, but happy (and several shades darker despite the 50spf sunscreen we use).

Brian has the unenviable job of taking Rory (and Camden is tagging along) to the dentist this morning. It's one of those places that I dread. Not because Rory doesn't do well, but because the wait is ridiculous, the office has two TVs blaring different movies, plus all the video games, crying children, etc. So far we've never had a cleaning without Rory needing some serious additional teeth work, but my fingers are crossed.

In the meantime, I'm snuggled up on the couch with my new blanket (it was yesterday's chemo gift from Brian's school). I SO love this color! And does it seem like my toes are making the blog a little too often to you? Yeah, me too.

And want to know what else I love?

This girl.


And this boy.

Happy Friday!


Mayme said…
Sorry this round is being more difficult!

Glad the leak slowed down and hopefully the issue is resolved.

Take care!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Your toes ARE pretty adorable, so it's only fitting that they make appearances on the blog with your other cuties :)
I'm so sorry that this round of chemo is so rough. Again, if there's ever anything I can do from afar, let me know!
Gwen Johns said…
I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your kids yesterday. They are awesome but I know you already know that. If there is anything I can do for you guys just let me know.
Hi introducing myself here--I am the mother of a Holt family who has been intermittently following your blog since before our first adoption (3 years ago). We somehow (from your blog maybe or from the board) watched your Rory adoption video--it was beautiful and was so helpful in preparing us for our trip to receive our daughter. We appreciate your mentorship then and I am still learning from you--thank you.

Myra (pavlovspup on Holt Bb)
Grace said…
those gorgeous smiles!!!
i love that blanket! and i love that it kinda matches your toes!
Oh, I'm sorry that this round is living up to the hype... I was really hoping that since you've been doing so well, it would be different. :-(

I love that blanket...

And this post reminds me I should probably schedule a dentist appt. for S. Sigh...
Lili said…
You are constantly in my thoughts, Melissa! Big hugs!!
heidi said…
Hang in there...Hope you are feeling better today. Also, if your toes look cute, and the rest of you is miserable, there is absolutely no reason to NOT feature them as a prominent part of the blog. We all understand. :)
Janet said…
Enjoy that blanket...it looks soft, cuddly, and serene. Ugh...the additive effect of rounds of chemo...sucks the big one. I'm sorry you are feeling so icky. Glad the leak slowed down...how scary/freaky was that at first? I was always so nervous about my hickman catheter (chemo ports) getting infected or pulling loose out of my chest & neck. So much to deal with as a chemo patient! HUGS to you...Miss Pretty Toes! ;-)

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