Good news

Our busy week has caught up with me today, and I can't seem to wake up or find motivation. Of course, it could be the busy week or it could be the 4 loads of laundry, one batch of cookies (more on that in a minute), trip to the grocery store, cleaning spree I've been on this morning. After all the bad days during a chemo cycle, I feel very compelled to take advantage of the days I feel good, which is why this has been such a busy week. It's also why we're headed to a magic show this afternoon as well as VBS tonight.

I also wanted to mention here (in case you missed it on Facebook) that I got my first CA125 level back yesterday. The CA125 blood test is how they look for cancer in your system, specifically ovarian cancer. Before my surgery, my CA125 level was 1,100. Normal range is anything below 34. Yesterday, my level was 30. Woohoo! While we won't know if my cancer is gone until my chemo is finished in September, and I have a scan, that normal CA125 level is very encouraging.

And, now those cookies I made. I saw this recipe on the How Sweet It Is blog this morning, and immediately went to get butter out of the fridge to soften. They did not disappoint. There is oatmeal and cinnamon in the cookies, so it's a little different, but very yummy. And the texture was perfect. I highly recommend them.

Clearly, I am no food photographer, but you get the idea.

The kids played SO well together yesterday. All day long. Mostly crammed in Camden's closet. Clearly, I'm no child photographer either. This was the best I got.

This one's slightly better if you wanted to see a picture of Rory's molars.

Mostly I just wanted to show you this cute clip from the Briar Claire Etsy shop. They have so many adorable things. Go shop!


Krista said…
Your CA125 level is fabulous news!! Let's pray it keeps that low.
And those cookies... yum!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the great lab test levels! the cookies sound delicious :)

1100 to 30??? That is amazing!!!
Mandy said…
Such great news :)
Wonderful news on the CA125 level. Almost as good feeling better, good cookies and kids that played well together.
Brenna said…
I'm so happy to hear your great test results! And you are one busy Mama making the most of every moment, for sure. So glad you are enjoying great days with your family. Hugs.
Grace said…
hooray!!! cheering for you!
love the shot of the kiddos in the closet. :) what is it about kids and closets? cb loves playing in mine!
Kelly said…
I'm so excited for you that the test came back "normal"--that is a HUGE step!!!

Briar loves to play in our downstairs coat closet (it's under our stairs), too!

Rory looks fabulous in that clip--that is one of my favorite color combos we've ever had!
Janet said…
Those cookies???? YUM! I need to save that recipe for a rainy/cooler day.

HOOOORRAYYYYYY! for your lab results. I'm super excited for you. I know how good it feels to get GOOD news. YAY! :-)
Elizabeth Frick said…
I am so very excited about your improved levels. What wonderful encouragement to receive in the midst of treatments, eh?
I think of you often, even if I can't comment here :)
LOVE your good news!!!!

(I also love the photos and those cookies... on the way to my fridge now too... but don't want to diminish the: WHOOHOOO over the CA125 levels!)

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