2011 Summer List

I've seen other cute, crafty, ambitious mothers make these "to do" lists for the last couple of years, but honestly never gave much thought to making one for our family. Because let's face it. I'm pretty much the most un-fun mom ever. But as I saw them this year, it struck me that without a list, this summer very well could pass us by in a haze of chemo and just getting by. I really don't want that to happen. Not to mention I remembered how excited the kids were to make up a daily "to do" list when Rory, Camden, and I were home together the year before Camden started school. Oh, yes, I really made a list every day that included things like breakfast, nap, puzzles, lunch, etc. So, anyway, here's our list for the summer. It's not extremely adventurous, but the kids are excited and it will make us be a little more intentional about our time together this June and July.

summer 2011 to do


I love this idea! I am going to sit down with my 13 yr. old and make a list. I work fulltime so sometimes it is hard to find a way to get summer fun into the schedule. This really challenges me to be creative. Thanks!
What a great list! Have fun at the Chattanooga Aquarium--that is one of our favorite cities ever!
Mandy said…
Love it! Hope you don't mind but I think I am going to steal your idea and do this for our family!
I love it.... I hadn't really seen one and love how you did yours!!!
I can't wait to hear what you think of Kung Fu Panda!
Grace said…
i love this! and i can't wait to watch things get checked off your list!
Elizabeth Frick said…
So, so fun! I love the look of your list and the things on it.
And I totally want to come to the princess tea party!!!
M :-) said…
I *love* this idea!
Kelly said…
super-duper LOVE this idea!! i really should do this as well!
This is fabulous!!! Uhm, can I hijack your list?!
Krista said…
Lovely! I have been finding ideas on pinterest - but like that yours isn't overwhelming. And so pretty too!
Anonymous said…
What a fun idea...
Love the aquarium.. one of the best in my opinion!

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