Chemo Update

After whining the last two days about going back to chemo, I feel like I owe you an update. :) It was fine. My Wednesday chemo is my easiest of the three, and after a three week break, it was good to see my friends. It was a slow day in the chemo room so we had plenty of time to catch up, and got to spend extra time chatting with Sara (our chemo nurse), who is my age and expecting her first baby this fall. I also was finally able to meet and talk to another young mother that I've seen a couple of times. She finishes up tomorrow, and I'm so happy for her.

I met a new patient today. This is her first ovarian cancer treatment, but she just finished treatment for breast cancer and is very beaten down. I felt so sorry for her; she is fragile and very sick. The overwhelming feeling in our chemo room is one of camaraderie and the women are full of positive spirits. But I felt none of that from her; only despair. She has been heavy on my heart the rest of the day, and I am praying that she will be able to dig down deep and find some strength.

Also heavy on my heart is my friend who finished treatment last cycle as well as our new friend who is on the same treatment cycle. Both of those friends (Glenda and Barbara) are currently in the hospital having serious issues with scar tissue from their surgeries. I'm sure I've mentioned before, but the treatment I'm on is a specialized one. Dr. W says only 1 out of 10 patients qualify and many are unable to finish this particular kind of chemo. So the few of us on this treatment plan share a bond, not just because we spend alot of time together, but because it's particularly difficult. We're there in that chemo room together approximately 16-18 hours during our 3 chemo days.And let me just say as a side note, you better believe I'm going to be asking Dr. W about it tomorrow because it's not a complication I knew could happen!

So while I have friends who are on my heart tonight, and I'm currently exhausted (but not feeling sick yet), it was still a good day. I don't know why chemo days are good days, but they generally are. It's comforting to be in that room for some reason. I know that tomorrow will be tougher, but today was encouraging, and I feel strong and ready for it.


my heart breaks for all of you special ladies, but especially the one you mentioned who is so discouraged. Praying that you and the others will be a light in her life! Glad you are feeling good today. Wishing you sleep tonight!
Wendy said…
Melissa, You are in my continued prayers!! May you feel the peace that passes all understanding! Big Hugs to you sweetie!
Brenna said…
Whew. I'm glad today is behind you and that it went well. Will be praying for you the next two days and also praying especially for the ladies you mentioned who need some extra hope and healing right now. So glad you are feeling strong in the Lord. I do hope you can rest tonight ~ it's so hard for me to face the day when I am sleep-deprived. Hugs.
In a way, I can understand the feeling of comfort. You're all in the same boat there. There's no explaining to be done, or uneasiness, or weirdness (I'm guessing)

I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers out to the woman who is so discouraged. My heart hurts reading about her.
Grace said…
hugs and prayers to you, melissa...hoping and praying this round goes well!

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