Sting Rays and Shark Tanks

We went to the Chattanooga Aquarium, and the kids loved it. They especially loved the touch tanks, which means you can touch the fish/creatures inside, and it's monitored by employees.



Notice how Brian is helping Rory?


And this would be the point Rory started striking up conversations with anyone who would listen.

And now the parents have deserted these two cute Korean kids so one could take pictures and the other could direct the sting rays toward those two cute kids for a better aquarium experience.

Oh, look! I can put my whole arm in the water!

And anything Camden can do, I can also do.

Yep, she fell in. Face first. Brian didn't see it happen; Camden didn't even make a move toward her or change his expression at all. I immediately started yelling (and possibly hitting at him to get his attention since he didn't see it happen) at Brian to grab her (I had to protect my camera!) and panicking about the creatures she was in the water with. And then I took pictures. LOL You have no idea how much I wish I'd gotten a picture of her going in the water.

Is this not pitiful? She was totally fine until she was out of the water and then she cried. Her panicked mother probably didn't help keep her calm at all.

Totally and completely soaked for the rest of the day. And smelling slightly of sting rays and little sharks.

Once I got over the shock of having my daughter fall into a pool of sting rays, Brian and I laughed hysterically the rest of the day. Notice Brian wasn't panicked at all. It felt like he was moving in slow motion, and he had a whole lot more confidence than I did that not only were those creatures not dangerous but that Rory was not the first child to fall in. We've had a major case of sibling jealousy going on here for years, but it's been especially bad in the last couple of weeks. Rory is just positive that she can do everything Camden can do and it was in full force during our trip. Let me just tell ya that falling into that tank of water and sea creatures put a big damper into her little independent streak. :) Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you are), it's back and stronger than ever today.

I have lots more Chattanooga pictures, but they're just not going to happen today. Chemo was fine yesterday, but I'm feeling tired.

One more note about Rory. She clearly has a tendency for drama. Last year in Texas the child jumped into the pool with water over her head, no life jacket on while I was getting towels and life jackets ready. Totally over her head. She cannot swim. Camden saved her that time. And this morning Aunt Liz watched the kids and took them to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. Liz had to slam on the brakes to avoid a wreck and Rory's carseat wasn't fastened (totally my fault because I forgot to install it after we took it two weeks ago) and she went flying into the seat in front of her. So thankful she wasn't hurt!


Joy said…
Poor Rory!! I had wondered if that had ever happened before - that tank is a little scary! Glad she is okay...sounds like she has had a 'traumatic' week.

Sumner is going through the same stage. It's so hard to convince her she is half her brother's age (and size) and just not old enough for somethings yet.

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip!! Did you find all the great places downtown for pictures??
Mayme said…
That face may be the most pitiful I have ever seen!

Hope you get some rest and that the chemo doesn't have too many horrible effects this time!

Take care:)
KrisJ said…
OMG I know that was horrible but its pretty funny now right!
Scary with the car seat though... weve done that before too and she tipped right over onto Maddie.
Gotta love sibling rivalry right!
Poor Rory--she is the queen of the pitiful face. She will enjoy hearing and telling that story one day, I'm sure!!!
Linda Balthrop said…
Well that was a great story which I'm sure you guys will talk about when Rory is 30 with your grandkids. LOL!! and the photo's to go with the story makes it that much better. So thankful Liz and the kids were watched over the morning.
Janet said…
Oh my goodness! I think I would have had a total stroke to watch my child fall into that tank. I would have needed oxygen, most definitely. I'm glad she is OK...but how scary!

Our zoo has one of those tanks as well...I'm keeping my hand on his shirt at all times.
Susanne said…
That face is so classic! Love how you tell the story, I could picture you hitting Brian much the way I hit my DH is similar situations. Too funny!
Ohmygosh... I am holding my sides I am laughing so hard!!! I've been *dying* to know what these pictures were about since I saw them pop up on Flickr... the story more than exceeded my expectations (I'm only laughing since she's ok... just to confirm) Poor Rory.
That is the best sad face I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing such a drama-packed day!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Holy moly, you've got a danger girl there!
I'm totally with you - wish you had pictures of her falling in! I can't believe she went ALL the way in... were there any employees around?
Definitely a memory for the books :)
Grace said…
oh. my. gosh.
that face!
poor girl...
but, i so would have been laughing hysterically with you!
Sarah said…
Sorry to hear your little Rory has dramatic situational tendencies (is there such a thing?). All I know is, that seems a lot like Caliber, my boy is something else, he's the first one to get hurt, the first one to get sun burnt, more photo-sensitive than my other two, a big dare devil...oh. I could go on, but I'm sure you get it! Take care and feel better :)
Unknown said…
Thanks to you and Rory for the chuckle. Even my husband got a good chuckle when I described Rory's adventure to him. Wait 'til he see the pictures. It is the moments that don't go exactly as planned that will make up the stories of your family folklore. Loved the photos too!

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