I may have mentioned a time or two or ten that Camden is all boy, not all that considerate of others, possibly the least compassionate child I know. :) He has lots of good qualities, but compassion is not generally one of them, although to be fair I doubt it's generally a top quality in most 7 year old boys. But Camden has made me cry many, many times in the last few weeks (in a good way). He has been sweet, he has been kind, he rubs my shoulder and wants to know - with tears in his eyes - how I'm feeling, he prays for me, he wants to cuddle with me (generally, he would always choose Brian for the snuggling). And not only is he being compassionate, but I can see a real effort on his part to change his attitude, to obey without complaining, to help even when I don't ask him.We found out recently that he was scared I was going to die. Cancer is heavy stuff for an adult to deal with; it's impossible for a 7 year old to understand. And while my heart breaks that he has to worry about me, my heart also thrills to see him growing and changing as a result.

Brian and Camden headed to church camp yesterday afternoon for Camden's first ever week of camp. Brian really, really didn't want to leave me at home alone, but I really, really didn't want Camden to spend his first week of camp alone. I felt like leaving him alone while we're dealing with my health situation was maybe too much. He told Brian on his way to camp that he'd been dreaming that he was at camp and that he was just sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else play because he didn't have friends. I am praying that he makes friends, is able to forget about his sick mama for a while, and that he learns something important while he's away.



Baseball season finished up this weekend for Camden. His team finished with a 21-3 record (they lost 3 times to the same team). Unfortunately, I did not get to go to either games, but I made Brian take the camera to document it. :)


You have no idea how much I love this picture. It's so typical 7 year old boy fun.

And while Brian took the first 2 pictures, I'm completely taking credit for this one. :)


I hope your sweet boy has a wonderful time at camp!
Mayme said…
What sweet pictures of you guys together. I hope Camden has the best time at camp!
Joy said…
What a sweet, sweet boy you have, Melissa! I hope Camden enjoys his first week at camp!
Elizabeth Frick said…
I absolutely loooooove the mama-son photos!
And in a very different way, I love in the "typical 7-y-o boy pic" how one of the coaches is "strangling" one of the kids. Classic.
I hope Camden has an amazing week at camp - it's so great that Brian gets to go with him to help ease the transition. And hopefully you get to enjoy a peaceful week at home!
Brenda Shearon said…
I am also really, really glad that Brian went with Camden on his first week of camp:) Hope everything is going well for you this week! He is a sweet boy.
I have tears streaming down my face reading the first part of this post. What a miracle (and I don't use that word lightly) to see some of the good transformations cancer is providing. My heart hurts for what Camden is feeling, but reading about how it has changed him makes my heart lift with joy at the same time. What a wonderful boy you have!!!
Grace said…
aww, man, crying again! i loved reading about the compassion and care that camden is showing you, but i am sad that it is at the expense of him feeling so worried...he just loves his momma so much!
i hope he has an awesome time at camp and can let loose, have fun, and enjoy being a boy!
Krista said…
Oh Camden... how he loves you M.

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