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Tuesday we had the privilege of meeting a fellow adoptive family and blogging friend. I've only been able to do this a couple of times, and it is always so fun to put voices and personalities to the faces you've grown to adore over the internet. Because I've had a bad week, we had several change of plans and when it came down to it, I just couldn't manage a play date, but Elizabeth and her family stopped by to bring us a St. Louis gooey buttery cake, which happens to be one of my favorites even though I've never mastered actually making it myself (hey, I can mess up anything in the kitchen) and hadn't enjoyed for a long time.  We were able to chat for a few minutes and at least share a hug.

Look at these cute kiddos: Camden, Ingrid, Olive, and Rory.
The sticker fest on Olive make me smile.

Rory immediately needed to mother Ingrid and hold her bubbles.

And this just completely cracks me up. Sweet Ingrid smiling for the camera; Olive looking at my daughter like she's insane (which she kind of is).

I really wanted to snap a quick picture of Elizabeth and I, but I am so not kidding when I say it was a bad day. You know it's bad when I'm letting someone meet me for the first time with no scarf and little make-up. It was lovely, lovely, to meet you Elizabeth, Adam, Olive, and Ingrid. We'll have a proper play date next time!

I'm headed in today for treatment #6, and then I'll have a glorious 13 days off. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said…
So candid camera isn't it!
Love to all, and a blessed day!!!!
Gma E
Amy said…
Meeting blog/adoption friends in real life is such a blessing and so fun!! So glad they were a bright spot in the midst of a difficult week. Praying today goes well and that you have some relief from feeling bad during the next 13 days!
heidi said…
So fun to have at least met. :) Would love to meet Elizabeth and her girls myself one day. Just keep trudging through your bad days. Prayers.
I'm sorry you didn't get to hang out and have a long, fun day, but the kids couldn't have been cuter together. I've never gotten to meet blog buddies in real life, but I hope to one day!
What fun! And, I have to say... That last picture is priceless!

Hope you're feeling better and that today isn't the kick-off to another round of ickiness.
Karen said…
I hope this treatment takes it a little easier on you... I'm so glad you guys got to meet! Those pictures are treasures!
Mayme said…
Hope today is going better!
Krista said…
How wonderful! A little ray of sunshine in your day I'm sure!
Elizabeth Frick said…
We were positively HONORED to get to meet you and your beautiful family!!! I agree - it's so fun to put the voice & character with the person you've "known" online for so long :)
I was cracking up at how much of a total behemoth Olive looks like next to Rory and Ingrid! And the stickers? Ridiculous. Rory was adorably motherly with Ingrid, who loved being coddled.
I too wanted to snap a photo of the two of us, but didn't want to coerce you into anything. Plus I was totally gross - all sweaty and road-weary... not really the look I want out there in cyberland. And shush about your own appearance - you were positively beautiful, in every way. Especially to be a hostess to us when you were feeling so poorly!
Can't wait for that future play date :)

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