Superman Was Adopted, Part 2

And here is Mr. Camden cooperating rather reluctantly in the photo shoot. :)


This is always Camden's default when I pull out the camera.

Holding up muscles was Brian's idea.

I'm taking a photography class titled Snapshots of a Good Life taught by Karen Russell, and in the first week she talks alot about emotionally perfect photographs and how we (as mothers) are our family's best photographer because we know our family better than anyone else. That really resonated with me because I easily get caught up in how other photographer's blogs are filled with beautiful, perfect pictures. But no one else would know that Camden pushes his glasses up like this approximately 3,000 times a day.

Or that he immediately follows the glasses adjustment with hiking his pants up. Every.single.time.

Or that this is his very silly, but very real grin.

Playing football with his daddy.


Switching from a football to a frisbee.

And one of my favorites from the day.


I love the ones of him pushing his glasses up and then hiking up his pants. You can tell how authentic they are!! Great job!
Joy said…
Love the muscle shot! I agree with the statement about moms knowing what to capture. I have lots of pictures of quirky things the kids did (Ellis used to wear his sweats one leg up, one down - every day). The photo quality might not be great, but the moment was captured. Glad you are enjoying your class!
Annie B. said…
I LOVE the pushing up the glasses followed by the hiking up of the pants!!!!!!!!
Becky said…
I love them, Melissa! great job capturing HIM. he is getting so grown up looking.
Anonymous said…


your blog is full of perfect photos all the time. in case you were wondering. your favorite subjects are handsome and gorgeous, respectively.
Vicky said…
I find myself memorizing every nuance of them... from their looks, to the way they smell, to the sound of their voice. What a great class to take, I'd love to take one such as that and obviously, after seeing these, I feel like I am getting to know him as well. Great job!
OK. I am taking this class. I'm saving my pennies now.

And the photo of Camden with the glasses... LOVE!!! You've inspired me to share some of those type of moments here as well.
Amanda said…
These are awesome and I do believe someone is ROCKING that new lens!!
Joyce said…
Love that boy--thanks for the pictures that really how him!!
subgirl said…
What a handome young man! Camden has changed so much since I started following your blog! I love that he has grown his hair out. He is just adorable and I know he is such a blessing to you and Brian.

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