The (Almost) Birthday Girl

Even though her birthday isn't until the 27th of this month, we decided to have Rory's birthday celebration while my parents were in town last week. Now I'm not saying that having a houseful of people and a birthday party 3 days after chemo was my best decision, but my parents and Brian did a great job of handling everything and Rory had a blast. It was definitely a good decision to let her celebrate with as much family as possible.

This is usually what's going on in our living room when Uncle Michael is around. 091511_2 

I love, love, love this one. She was waiting for the present portion of the evening to begin, and was SO excited! 091511_1 

Bubbles from Camden (thanks to a little shopping trip with Grandpa). 091511_3

And a thank you hug. 091511_4

Fancy Nancy shirt and book from Grandma and Grandpa 091511_5 

A little help from Camden reading the card. 091511_6 

 And this was about how excited Camden was all night long. 091511_7 

Dora Wii game from Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz (and this would be the first Wii game she can actually play instead of just pretending to understand as she waves the controller around). 091511_8 

"Reading" the back of the box 091511_9 

The "Achoo Doll" from Gram and Gramps has been good for a whole lot of giggles around our house.

Fancy Nancy doll from the parental units. The girl does love Fancy Nancy, although I'm discovering she likes Fancy Nancy books (of which she owns quite a few) better than the doll. 091511_11 

The whole group 091511_12 

Just a cute one of Camden. 091511_13 

A very cute (as well as delicious) "Winnie and the Pooh" cake. She's been begging for a "Winnie and the Pooh" cake ever since she saw the Pooh movie with Aunt Liz this summer.091511_14 


I wish this were more in focus, but her anticipatory smile is sweet. 091511_16 

You have NO idea how many tries it took for her to blow these candles out. Enough that we were all avoiding that corner of the cake! 091511_17 

Laughing as we tried to give her blowing instructions. 091511_18 

Attempt #316. Success!091511_19 


Joy said…
Happy (almost) birthday to sweet Rory! Can't believe she is almost 5. Looks like a wonderful party and the "Winnie and the Pooh" cake is adorable!
Amy said…
I love love love these pictures! Her facial expressions in all of them are so precious and one of my favorites is the one of her and Camden reading the card. I cannot believe she is almost 5! How did that happen?
Her joy is very apparent!! She is such a pretty girl.
Elizabeth Frick said…
That cake is AWESOME!
Although my heart skipped a beat when I got to reading the cake and the whole "5th birthday" bit... I thought "they got the number wrong! How can that be?!" And a split second later, I realized that Olive will be four. And then I was nearly in tears over how quickly they grow up. Sigh...
But enough waxing poetic. Happy birthday, Rory! Olive loves Fancy Nancy too :)
Krista said…
Happy early birthday sweet Rory! Looks like a great family get together. The cake is so cool!
(is your house seriously this bright or do you have a magic flash on your camera?... or is it PSE?)
KrisJ said…
How is she almost 5? What a sweetie, love the photos!!
Janet said…
I love how happy she looks...from present opening to candle blowing (even with multiple attempts)...just how a birthday celebration should be. You really got some nice shots here. I can see why she LOVED that cake. Cute!
Happy Early Birthday Rory!!! It looks like a wonderful time with lots of FABULOUS gifts and YUMMY cake!

(Love all these indoor shots. High ISO? What's your secret?!)

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