Scenes from the Soccer Field

So I may not have apologized yesterday about the number of pictures, but I am definitely going to today. Because  coughcoughthirtycoughcough just might be excessive. And probably my family will be the only ones who look at all of them. But I don't care. :)

By the way, we completely lost and did not even score a goal yet again. Rory tried really, really hard. This team was head and shoulders bigger than we are, way more coordinated than 4 year olds should be and their coach kept their A team in the entire game. Even after scoring some 15 goals. Oh, well. Rory still enjoyed herself.



Which way is the goal again?



Notice her position in this picture.

Notice how she passed the girl next to her? No, I am not competitive at all. 091711_9


Not sure where the other team is.

Oh, wait. There they are. See how much bigger they are?


You'll notice she almost always runs with her mouth open. Either that or her tongue hanging out. 


I'm not sure she likes soccer.

I have absolutely no idea what this is about. 091711_18


This would be towards the end of the game when she had played nearly the entire time and was a little tired of watching the other team score.

Apparently choking on our loss.


I didn't really intend to share this one, but Rory saw it and said, "why did you take a picture of that guy's booty?" So I'm sharing. 091711_24


One of my favorites from the day.

Oh, wait. Maybe this one is. She's graceful, right? LOL 091711_27




The tunnel. Their favorite part of the day. 091711_32


And one more time through. Notice the red face. She played hard! 091711_34

I promise to keep the soccer pictures to a minimum from now on because I'm fairly certain I've exceeded my limit.


Oh my, Melissa, these are too precious!!! Yes, I looked at all thirty & loved each one of them! :) Rory is just beautiful & I love that she has that cute bow in her hair the whole time! hehe. :)
KrisJ said…
OMG!! LOVE THESE!! Shes got some mad skilz!! Seriously! And how freaking cute is she on the field! Now Im wanting to go chop Malias hair again too!
Janet said…
All those kids in those big, baggy shorts...adorable! She is seriously the cutest soccer player I have ever seen...and one with a totally awesome game face and skills. I could feel the concentration. The ones with her hands on her knees staring down the field and the running shots are fabulous. I certainly hope you are in charge of team photos...nice work!
Loouise S. Lewis said…
You caught the passion she has in playing. She may not like to play but, she does concentrat and put her whole body into the play. Great shots, give us more. Thanks for sharing.
I think you have a serious competitor on your hands!!!
the girl with the way too baggy shorts and the long curly hair makes me DIE!!! actually, all of them with their too big shorts!! SO stinkin cute!!! Keith ref'ed soccer before we moved to China and those kids are too hilarious!! So tiny on the field!! He said the kids who threw tantrums were his favorite ;). Or the kids who just wandered off the field... "mommy, I need a snack..."
Joanna B said…
She has to be the cutest soccer player, ever. Great pictures!!
I looked at EVERY photo and loved them! Remind me again what camera/lens combo you use. I use a prime lens, and wondered if you did also.
Joyce said…
There is NO limiit on how many pictures can be posted! Loved all of them, and could feel Rory's enthusiasm. Thanks for posting them!
These are amazing! AMAZING!!! And she makes one serious (and adorable) soccer player. WOW!

(And yes, I covet your new lens) ;-)
Tracie said…
Love the photos! She is so seeing little ones play sports.
Kerin in DE said…
LOVE the soccer pics! The tunnel is my favorite part, too! So glad you liked my attempt at art on your envelope -- I'm not generally that creative, but the design just came to me. It's the same polish I'm wearing on my toes!

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