Tuesday's Plans

This morning Rory and I will make what I hope is my last trip to the hospital for weekly blood work. Now I do realize that there will always be lots of blood work in my future from this point on, but today marks 20 weeks that I've gone in for chemo follow-up. Rory LOVES to go with me and watch. She is very compassionate when I am sick, but she derives some kind of sick pleasure in watching me get stuck with a needle. Nice, coming from the 4 year old who sobs hysterically before her nurse ever gets near her with a needle. :) Of course, her interest in going with me could have something to do with the fact that all the nurses and phlebotomists fawn over her and act as if they've never seen such a cute 4 year old, give her candy, let her "help", etc.

And speaking of needles, yesterday Rory went in for her 4th dentist appointment in less than a month to finally finish up all her dental work. These teeth must have been in bad shape because it took an hour and a half to get them fixed, and her little mouth stayed numb for hours after.

And, yes, I took a picture.

On today's agenda: blood work, grocery shopping, soccer practice (which I'm kinda hoping will be canceled because of the rain), trying to keep up with the never-ending laundry, and making this pumpkin pecan granola.


Mayme said…
She looks rather pitiful in that picture! Poor thing.

I'm hoping that we are canceled as well! Come on rain.
Oh poor Rory... and poor you! Ouch!
I hope this is your last blood draw for a loooooooong time!!!
KrisJ said…
Oh my goodness her poor face!! SOO Happy for you, even though you will have a lot of follow up I am happy for this land mark day!
Amy said…
Poor little thing. That numbness is awful! Praying this is the last blood draw for a long, long time! Let us know how the granola turns out. It sounds good and I'm all about anything pumpkiny! :)
Anonymous said…
Grateful, grateful!!!
And yes, Rory, I know the feeling...
Please let us know how the granola went...
Gma E
Joanna B said…
I am glad you wrote that! Mackenzie did a little dance of happiness when I got some blood work done, and I was seriously worried about her lack of compassion! :-)
Elizabeth Frick said…
Mmmm... that granola sounds awesome!
So we should confab about this whole taking kids to the dentist thing. B/c I think Ingrid has cavities... or at least suspicious-looking brown spots on her teeth. And the child will scream. So any tips would be welcome!

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