Tuesday's Tidbits - Rory Edition

Today is Rory's 5th birthday. I realize that I say this every time. But SERIOUSLY! How did this happen? Where is this little munchkin?


And a few tidbits about Rory recently:

"Mama, I weally, weally want a CD that says wock and woll on it."

And speaking of rock and roll, she LOVES to sing. Unfortunately, the child has got no musical talent whatsoever, but she sure loves to make a joyful noise.
And there's no reason to actually spend time teaching her songs. She doesn't care. She just wants to make up her own music. I literally think she knows the words to approximately 2 songs. And that's only if you catch her on a good day.

The other day I heard Rory literally screech/scream very unkindly at Camden, and I immediately called her in to see what was going on. Camden came up behind her and put his arms around her as if to protect her from my wrath. Turns out they were just playing, but I thought his protectiveness was very sweet. I don't see alot of physical affection from him towards her very often.

"When I'm a grown up, I'm going to be a weal pwincess. Like Cindewella. With a blue dress." And she would probably rock the princess dress while carrying around her brother's light saber and would be spouting off Star Wars nonsense that she does not even begin to understand the whole time.

Rory is having a very hard time understanding why we're not having an actual party on her birthday. We celebrated with family, presents, cake and ice cream a couple of weeks ago when my parents were here, but she has spent a little too much time pouting about the lack of party on her birthday. Never mind that she's got mama and daddy all to herself (thanks to Brian being off work for my doctor's appointment), she's getting a feather in her hair, her choice of lunch, and I hear there might be a little celebration while she stays with my friend Tina during my appointment. The girl wants another party.

"It's not a good day for your birthday when someone you weally, weally love has chemo."

Happy Birthday #5, Sweet Girl.


Happy Birthday RORY!!!! Whoot! You are one amazing girl, that's for sure. Hope your day is super special... even without a party. :-)

(and best of luck to you Melissa... we're thinking of you.)
Amanda said…
Happy Birthday, Rory!! Hope ya'll have the bestest day ever!!
Mayme said…
Happy Birthday princess girl! Your present is STILL in my car!

Good luck today! We love you all.
Kelly said…
Happy birthday, Rory!!!! I am guessing you will have a great day even without the party!!!!
Renee T. said…
Happy Birthday to you, sweet Rory!
:) Renee
Tia said…
Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!
Nancy said…
Happy, Happy Birthday Rory!

Melissa, Our girls should 'jam' together one of these days... Sounds as if they were both 'blessed' with the same musical talents. :-0
Perfect indeed!
I hope she has a great day, but I would think it IS hard to have your birthday on a day when someone you weally, weally love has chemo.
Becky said…
Happy Birthday, Rory! We sure do love you and are so happy you are in our family. And LOVE the photos you have of her.
Brenda Shearon said…
Happy Birthday Rory!

Hope your afternoon wasn't as scary as you thought it would be.
Mandy said…
Happy 5th Birthday Rory!
Amy said…
Happy Birthday Rory!! I agree with her...a girl can never have too many parties! :) I hope to meet this spunky little girl one day before she's all grown up. We tell people you don't just meet Lukas, you *experience* him because he is quite an experience!! I have a feeling Rory is the same way! :)
Karen said…
Happy Birthday, Rory!!!!!!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh, that last quote just melted my heart. You are so loved, mama :)
Teeny Rory! I love the pudge!!! Isn't it incredible how quickly they grow up, despite our best efforts? :(
Happy birthday, sassy Rory. I want you and Olive to play Cinderella together someday. :)

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