Superman Was Adopted, Part 1

So many months ago I purchased Superman Was Adopted t-shirts from this blog. I had very good intentions of having a photo shoot, but it never quite happened. Until last weekend, that is. And I have to say that I really love them. The kids, the shots, and the shirts.

(I'm breaking this up into 3 different posts so that I can convince myself I haven't overshared pictures in one single post.)



This one is my favorite.

Or maybe this one is.

Stay tuned. Cause there are lots more.


Kelly said…
LOVE these! I really wish I could get my photos to have such beautiful color and white balance like yours do!
Krista said…
Great shirts aren't they? I bought one for Alex as well - must get a picture or two before he grows out of it!
Linda Balthrop said…
Hope the kids didn't get chiggers :). Great pics!
Joy said…
You know I love the shirts. : ) And your kids. And I don't think there could ever be a post with too many pictures of them!

I'm with Kelly - your photos always look amazing. Could you start a little online class for those of us that it still hasn't "clicked" with?
joelsgirl said…
These are adorable. I can't wait to see the rest!
Amy said…
I love those shirts and I'm going to check out that site right now. Lukas *needs* one!!:) I also love the pictures and, like Joy, wish you would start a little online class. I so need photography help!!
I think the last one is my fave!
Please tell me that you are hanging that last shot up somewhere?!?!

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