Happy Monday!

I feel as if I need to start this post off with a big "thank you." And not need because it's a requirement, but need because I am so grateful and don't quite know how to express it. You, my friends, have all been so sweet to me throughout this journey with your emails, calls, cards, FB messages, etc. And last week I received 12 cards within just a few days as well as a beautiful handmade necklace with the word love written in English and Korean. It is extra special to me because Rory's name in Korean is SaRang which means love so her name is written on this necklace. So thank you to all of you for your encouraging words. You have all made me feel very loved in the last few months.

I thought this card was especially cute with the teal heart and implied toes drawn on the back. 091911_3

We had a really nice weekend. Friday was grandparent's day at Camden's school so he and Gram spent some time together after his program was over. I hear that there was ice cream and a slushy involved.

The weather Friday was really beautiful, and the kids played outside for hours. And I do mean hours. I also decided to spend some time with them on the trampoline and after I snapped a few pictures, we had a blast playing soccer. Does anyone else actually just jump on the trampoline? Because there seems to be little jumping, but a whole lot of playing on our trampline. For instance, the kids were playing football with a whole lot of tackling going on! I have to say that they probably prefer it when I'm not watching them jump/play because I'm convinced they're going to kill themselves with all the dangerous stunts they try.



Saturday was the soccer game (and I won't replay that or post more pics because I'm sure you've seen all you need to). We also took the kids along with Gram and Gramps and Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz to a Korean restaurant to celebrate a late Chuseok. We followed it up with ice cream and a library trip and then a photo shoot (fun for me, maybe not as much fun for the kids). Pics to come later this week.

This week's agenda is busy. In fact, we have something going on for the next 8 days which is pretty busy for this girl. I'm going to have to pace myself so that I don't get worn out and crash like I did last week early on. Today we're headed to the dentist for what I hope is Rory's last visit for a while!

And a few more pictures that I haven't posted from the last few days.

Pep talk from daddy at last week's soccer game.

What Camden does during soccer practice. He's turning into a real book nerd (and I mean that in a very positive way - reading is my favorite thing to do as well).

Rory at soccer practice.

And I promise not to post pictures from every.single.walk. we take, but here are a couple from last week.


And someone took a spill. Since she had a big brother comforting her, I snapped this picture as I jogged to get to her.

And because I thought this outtake was funny, here you go.

Happy Monday!


Renee T. said…
I love the outtake pic - so cute :)

--- Renee
Vicky said…
You have such a way with your photos... I am truly in awe of how you capture the "life" in your kiddos :) Its hard to express in words being the recipient of an outpouring of "love" in the way of messages, cards, meals, etc., and what it does to a spirit... I think it reflects greatly on who you are in life :)

Prayers for stamina this week! Be easy on yourself!
Wow... I love every. single. photo. here! LOVE!

I'm looking forward to the photoshoot pics! I have one I'm going to attempt this weekend. (Think fedora, white button down and jeans.)
Amy said…
Awesome pictures, Melissa! So many of them brought a smile to my face!
Dizzy said…
Melissa, Love the photo of you wearing the bright pink t-shirt and scarf. The color REALLY make your blue eyes shine!!! Simply Gorgeous:))
Elizabeth Frick said…
So I started keeping a mental list ofmy favorite photos: the soccer pep talk, your book nerd, the comforting Camden, and, of course, the outtake. :)

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