A Good Way to End It

So I may have spent part of the day in an oncology office and chemo room, but it was a great day. Not only did I feel fantastic, but chemo only took 3 hours instead of the regular 4.5. I could feel everyone's prayers. Thank you so much for all the emails and Facebook messages, not to mention my friend and her husband who fasted for me yesterday. It really was lovely, and I could feel God's presence.

My parents are in town, and they took me to for my treatment and then ran around shopping with Rory. After I finished, we went to Rose Pepper, a Mexican restaurant I'd been wanting to try, and then I introduced them to Jeni's ice cream. Uncle Michael was even able to join us.

We finished up the day with soccer practice and a soccer scrimmage. And while today has been kind of icky, yesterday was wonderful.

Here are a few pictures from the day.

Me and my sweet, cute chemo nurse Sara. She is such a big part of my cancer experience. She is compassionate and on top of her game. We're the same age, have both struggled with infertility (although as you can see from her cute belly she is no longer struggling), her sister-in-law is currently undergoing the same treatment that Becky did for breast cancer, we are both passionate about Harry Potter, and the list could go on. I feel as if I gained a friend, and I am going to miss seeing her on a regular basis.090211_1 

Rory showing off my Jeni's ice cream cone. That is wildberry lavendar on top and passion fruit on the bottom. Seriously SO good.

Rory ate dark chocolate ice cream, and it is most definitely going to be my next flavor when we go back. It was truly amazing! 090211_3 

I think mom enjoyed the unique flavors a little more than my dad. :) 090211_4 

Uncle Michael would like you to know that he did not eat ice cream with both hands; he's just holding my cone while I snapped pictures. His ice cream choice was cherry lambic and that flavor received two thumbs up.

If you can't tell, Rory really enjoyed that chocolate ice cream. 090211_6 

Grandma and Rory drew ice cream cones on the chalkboard. 090211_7 

Camden's camera work at soccer practice. I kind of love this picture.090211_8 

Did I ever mention that Rory's team name is the Sharks and that she chose the name? This is the hand motion her coach came up with for the team to signify sharks. They are so cute to watch. Oh, and we WON this scrimmage game, and, yes, Rory scored almost all the goals. 090211_9 

Rory's new friend Abram. He is the coach's son. I feel so blessed to have met the coach's wife and their children - A is adopted from Kazakstan and E from Korea! How neat is that. We don't get to make many connections like this in our small county.

Stay tuned for a really fun picture and give away tomorrow!


Wow! Is it really over?? So great!

I, too, love the picture of your parents that Camden took!
Joy said…
Yippee for chemo being over!! Praying for a clear scan!!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh, Melissa!!! What an exciting day to celebrate. I'm so incredibly happy for you. I was thinking how wonderful it is that now YOU are one of those ladies you wrote about at the beginning of treatment... the ones who were encouraging, mentor-like, and that were finishing up their treatments when you were just starting. You're on the other side!!!
Celebrating for you in STL with a hearty candy buffet :)
And GOOOOO Rory, you soccer superstar!
Karen said…
I'm so happy for you to have this big step behind you. And God bless that nurse for being a special part of your experience! Rory is toooo cute with her ice cream face!
Anonymous said…
Super cute pics of Rory :)
--- renee
Amy said…
WOOHOO!! You made it!! I'm so happy for you and love the way you celebrated! Continuing to pray for a clear scan and complete healing!
Vicky said…
I just feel the celebration coming through! My mouth is watering at the sight of your ice cream- such unusual flavors and I know I would love it. I can see how full of personality Rory is and she looks so adorable with her soccer bud! Savor this victory!!
Kelly said…
Stronger and braver than ever...thinking of you!!
Love Kelly's comment above... and LOVE all the ice cream!

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