Candid Camera

I started to begin this post with an apology for the sheer number of pictures I'm posting, but then decided it's my blog so I can post as many pictures as I want! :) Rory was playing outside yesterday and when I looked out the window and saw her playing "house" with her kitten, I decided to grab the camera and sit outside and watch her. I plopped myself down on the ground and just snapped away. When I uploaded these, I literally laughed out loud. Hope you enjoy them too.



Notice the death grip on the kitten's neck? She was trying to make her look at the camera (not by my request!).

Smile for the camera (oh, yes, she was literally saying that). 091611_4









 Oh, so you caught that, did you, mom?

Here, kitty, kitty.

Why won't she listen to me?


Pretty please?

Okay, fine. Take my picture in the tree and let me lean on it all weird like cause I think it's really cool. Isn't it awesome, mama? (yes, she said that too)

 I can't imagine why the poor kittens run for their life when she comes out and starts calling them. I caught her with them in the stroller one day. Yesterday, she tried setting one up on the deck railing and very nearly heaved him off the side. Earlier this week both kids were lining them up and shooting at them with dart guns. No worries - it was a NERF dart gun, but still!


Krista said…
Never a dull moment at the Lewis household it seems! Rory is going to be such a good babysitter one day :)
that is a very tolerant cat!!!! But then again, who could resist Rory?
KrisJ said…
Oh my I love that series!! They are precious! Malia is a really "great" friend to our kitty too lol!
Renee T. said…
simply adorable :)
Joanna B said…
That is HILARIOUS!! She is adorable, I hope Mackenzie decides she likes cats one day!
Janet said…
Ohhhh, a girl and her kitten...doesn't get much better than that. You really captured a sweet moment here. Simply beautiful!
Oh man...I have hiccups from laughing at this series. Too funny!

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