Tuesday's Tidbits

When Rory got out of the car at the grocery store this morning, she told me she likes her new car seat "because it's more active and more cooperated."

I never really did a Round 6 wrap-up. The truth is, Round 6 proved to be of my least eventful. I stopped the nausea meds several days early (generally, I'm still on them at this point). My energy level is better than usual. My pain level wasn't as bad. The only thing worse is the neuropathy in my hands and feet which is still persisting with no sign of letting up. Good news is that it gets me out of housework for a few days longer. :)

Over the weekend, I cooked 3 things: donuts made from biscuits (will definitely do again), cheesy bacon, chicken, and avocado quesadillas (sound alot better than they actually tasted), and roasted rosemary garlic red potatoes (delicious, and the kids loved them as well).

Several of you commented on Camden's hair. Let's just say it doesn't quite always stay "fixed." It's typically straight across his forehead with a part down the middle that drives me insane. (Yes, I need to stop fixating on my 8 year old's hair.) Yesterday he told Brian that a boy in his class made fun of him because he had Justin Bieber hair. Believe me, Camden had no idea who Justin Bieber was, but we told him that he shouldn't worry about having his hair because millions of people like Justin's hair. 

I have somehow managed to let pictures from the last 2-3 weeks pile up and now can't seem to get them edited and blogged. I might have to do a Friday photo dump.

I had promised to post teal toes pictures from those of you who sent them my way. The truth is, there are now SO many pictures that I don't know what to do with them. I never expected so many people to participate - thank you!

And one picture Brian snapped Saturday. I actually love it of Brian and Camden. Maybe I can find a way to crop it.


Krista said…
Oooh... what's this new car seat all about?
Tell Camden that if he likes, I could show him with JB lives... well, at least where he lives when he visits his hometown ;)
So glad you are feeling better this last round!
And that picture is wonderful!
Mayme said…
Do not crop this picture! You look great! Glad Rory likes her cooperated car seat:)
Renee T. said…
ooh - we love roasted red potatoes around here. Sometimes we do roasted sweet potatoes too. Really- I could exist on just potatoes- my favorite food!
I love that picture--with you IN IT!!! So hands off, mama.
Monica said…
LOL! I have two nephews who are THRILLED when girls tell them they have Beiber hair! And Camden is CUTE...messy hair and all!
Don't you dare crop that picture!!!

Would you feel better if I told you I obsess over Spencer's hair too?! And it's a topic of heated discussion here lately?
Elizabeth Frick said…
I looooooove that photo! Love it.

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