A Winner

First, I promised you'd be the first to know when I get test results - well, my CA125 Level came back at 18, which is my lowest number by far. It is well within the normal range, although still not quite as low as many other's I've seen. I'm choosing to take a step back, relax, rejoice in the fact that it's gone down again and just wait to see what happens. My CT scan is scheduled for September 22.

And now, for a winner of the teal nail polish in honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: I used random number generator, and the winner is Hardcorescrapper!
Hardcorescrapper said...
What a COOL way to promote awareness! I never knew that it was Ovarian Cancer Month, but you bet my toes will be blue this month (I love blue toes anyways!!) I will even paint Adelyn's toes if I can get her to stay still long enough! Thank you for sharing!
Send me an email at camdensmommy @ gmail dot com, with your address, and I'll send out your polish. Thanks everyone for playing along. I know that it's a little thing, but it gave me warm fuzzies to hear of all the teal toe-painting going on.

And since I have not taken any pictures since Monday, and am going to have to fudge on my Project 365 this week, here are a couple of pages I scrapped last week. 
Could this be any brighter?
Gina Miller Teacher's Pet
Emily Merritt Three Little Monsters 031611_trouble-web
Lilypad September BYOC092410_true-beauty-web


Joy said…
Ooh - I still love that last photo of Rory. So precious!

Hooray for 18!! Okay, maybe not as low as you wanted, but still great! Praying hard for a clear scan - you are gonna kick this COMPLETELY!! : )

Be looking for a pic of teal toes in your email - I'll be painting today! LOL!
Amanda said…
So glad to hear the good news. I was praying for you this morning about this very thing and it just made my day to read your update! I had no idea about the blue toes but I have the perfect shade of blue in my cabinet and hopefully can find a free minute to get my toes painted up today.
Oh my goodness, you are the winner with that low CA125 score (is it a score? No?)!!!!

I've still gotta find some teal nail polish. I'll wear it into October....cause it sounds totally cool.
Vicky said…
Wow! I just had tumor markers drawn yesterday and am anxious to see what they are doing :) 18 sounds so good, and yes normal! I'm giggling over your fudging... from last week, I'd have to take something from last year at the pace I get some things done :)
Mayme said…
Glad to hear about your level! Keeping our fingers crossed about the scan!

Love ya!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Yay for 18! I'm with Joy in cheering you on for a good scan on the 22nd! I will definitely be thinking of you :)
Amy said…
Awesome news about 18! Still praying about that scan!
Amy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
WHOO-HOOO!! Thank you so much! I am so excited I won and can't wait to get my teal nailpolish! I am sooooo excited to paint my toes and also our daughter's!! We will wear our toes proudly for you! Thank you so much!

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