1 Year

I am so overwhelmed by all the emails, texts, and messages from you, and I LOVE all the ice cream pictures. Thanks for celebrating this with me. I would never have been able to make it this year without all of the encouragement and friendship from you all. I'm having trouble keeping up with my inbox! One of my favorite pictures so far is from my cousin who is overseas. He sent me a picture from his mess hall with several friends all eating ice cream for breakfast. Brian's school is participating in the whole ice cream for breakfast, and I can't wait to see pics from that as well.

Brian went in to work a little late and Elizabeth and Addison joined us for coffee ice cream with oreos mixed in. My absolute favorite treat. I'm telling you right now that you don't know what you're missing if you've never tried it. ;)



I thought about trying to relive the day last year and share stories that I never told but decided against it. I'd rather focus on the good stuff for today. Like ice cream for breakfast, snuggles with Addison, hugs from Camden and Rory, walks with a friend, and supper tonight with all 4 of us at Olive Garden.

I do have two semi-funny things from surgery day, both from the recovery room after surgery. I remember very little but these two things stick out for whatever reason. There was an older man in the bed next to me, and he was clearly in alot of pain. He was groaning, yelling at the nurses, etc. They finally got him settled down, and he started snoring. Brian says I kept rolling my eyes at him as if to say, "are you kidding me?" Brian snores, and he knows how much I hate it.

The second thing is that as they were wheeling me out of recovery, I was in the wrong kind of bed and they wanted me to switch. As in, CLIMB into a new bed. Do you remember I had 45 staples in my stomach and was still seriously drugged? Not to mention they weren't going to let me sit up for the next 24 hours, but I was supposed to climb into a new bed. I was so in and out of it, but I remember screaming in my head  "are you serious?" (hopefully I just screamed that in my head).

Sometimes I could just about believe that Jesus Calling was written exactly for me. Here's what the kid's version says for today.

I Will Take Care of You
The everlasting God is your place of safety. His arms will hold you up forever. Deuteronomy 33:27

Trust Me with all your heart. When you get out of bed in the morning, trust Me. At school, trust Me. With your friends, trust Me. When you go to bed each night, trust Me. Trust Me at all times and in every situation. I will take care of you. I already have your life perfectly planned out.

When everything around you seems to be going wrong, and you are just tired of trying, whisper these four words: "I trust You, Jesus." When you say this, stop trying to fix everything yourself and you trust the plan I have for you. Let Me take care of you. Fall back into the safety of My powerful arms - I promise I'll catch you.

Rory and Addison yesterday. Sorry for the composition - they kind of look like floating heads. :)

And look at this cutie I got to photograph yesterday.

Have a fabulous weekend. We're going to dinner tonight, Rory's first soccer game tomorrow, then The Hunger Games with Michael and Liz tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait!


Mandy said…
So glad to share ice cream w/ you today! i LOVE coffee ice cream w/ oreos, YUM! Enjoy dinner tonite!
Joyce said…
It was great to celebrate with you today (even though we're in IL and you're in TN) and I also loved "Jesus Calling" today and especially the scripture verses that went with. Love you!
Mayme said…
Love you! Didn't have ice cream for breakfast..does yogurt count? Enjoy your weekend. See at the soccer field:)
Wendy said…
Thinking of you and celebrating with you today, Melissa!!!
Monica said…
posted my photo on my blog (http://burdenbearer.blogspot.com). Hope your evening out was absolutely fabulous!
1 year is a big anniversary!! Congratulations on making it through this year--you demonstrated grace to all of us. We did the same Jesus Calling devotional last night. Great one!
Vicky said…
I can see you are relishing all the happy in this week and the joy shines brightly through your words! I feel the exact same way about Jesus Calling :) Loved all your photos but the cousins shots was really heartwarming to see! Just finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy and can't wait to see the movie!
Jenne said…
Happy ONE YEAR!!!! You amaze me every day as I watch your journey through this. Thank you for that. :-)

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