I realize these pictures might seem boring to the average viewer, but I live these pictures nearly every single day.

We walk to the mailbox.

She begs to be the one to check for mail.

She can't get it open.

The end.


Monica said…
checking the mail IS kind of exciting! Way to reach, Rory.
Joy said…
Rory, I get as excited over the mail as you do! : ) And, yes, where our mailbox is hanging on the wall - I have to stand on my tip-toes too!
Krista said…
short and sweet - love it!
Anonymous said…
She could not be any cuter!
Grace said…
SO. stinkin'. cute!!! and that blue highlight is awesome!
Beth T. said…
Brooklyn is into checking the mail these days too! One other thing about this picture made me remember that I used to check that same mailbox! Crazy! Praying for you every day!

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