Date Night

Friday night Brian and I dropped the kiddos off at Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz's house and headed to Nashville. All alone. :) We had a great restaurant recommendation from a friend, but ultimately decided we weren't cool enough to go in the door. I had also looked up a Thai restaurant that had great reviews from Urban Spoon, but when we got there it was a complete hole in the wall, and we completely chickened out. We ended up at our newest favorite haunt, P.F. Changs and had a wonderful dinner. Next up was a walk in Centennial Park. The weather was just amazing, and it was a great evening for a walk.

After getting stuck in Friday night downtown traffic, we parked a gazillion blocks away from the concert, and made it to our seats with about 1 minute to spare. It was such a fun concert: Lindsey McCall, The Afters, Sanctus Real, and Casting Crowns. I have lots of thoughts about the concert that maybe I'll share at a later date. The lyrics from Casting Crown songs have always been so meaningful, but when you've got cancer, everything seems to have even more meaning.

Even though it was about 11 degrees at the concert, we decided ice cream was definitely in order for the way home. My new favorite ice cream spot is Pinkberry. Not only were they completely gracious when we walked in the door at 10:56 p.m. but the frozen yogurt was amazing. Made from all natural ingredients, no preservatives, full of probiotics, and about 110 calories and 1.5 grams of fat. Definitely my new favorite place.

I did take my camera with me, but did not end up taking too many pictures because I hadn't emptied my card from a photo session I had earlier in the day.

Bad angle, but it was the best I could do one handed

Mr. Squirrel having a trashcan snack

You can imagine how excited he was to have his picture taken.

Not bad for another one-handed shot.

Yes, this would be what my stellar photography skills got me at the concert.

We had a lovely time. It's been a long time since we've not only had date night, but that I felt well enough to really enjoy it. 

This morning I head back to the doctor's office to start Round #2 of my new chemo treatment. I am not concerned about the treatment itself, but I do find myself very nervous about the results of my CA125 test. This will be the first time they've tested since the new drug started, and I am fervently praying that this new drug is working.


Karen said…
Praying for good results for you today, Melissa! I saw that Casting Crowns' new album came out today and thought of you guys... I love that song that Brian posted after your date!
Monica said…
Still praying!
sounds like a wonderful night--you can never go wrong with PF Changs!!
Definitely praying for some good results on your test.
Mandy said…
Glad you had a wonderful date night! Continued Prayers!
Mayme said…
You are on my mind today! I am praying for some major good results!
Renee T. said…
Sending good thoughts your way as you begin round two.
:) Renee T.
Amanda said…
So glad you had a wonderful date night! Praying for you and your test results!
Fun date night. Great pics. Praying for wonderful news at the dr.
Good Luck today!!! You are in my thoughts...

This looks like a great evening... PF Changs and Pinkberry?! YUM!
Kelly said…
Praying along with you that the new drug has it out for that $#%@^& cancer!
You have the most beautiful skin in those pics...really girl, you are LUMINOUS!
So glad you had a fun date night. You deserve it!
Anonymous said…
Where's my sneak peek??? :D :D :D :D So glad y'all had fun! Let me know when and Rory and I will take you to the Thai place we like!
Wendy said…
Hooray for date night!! So happy you feel well enough to be able to get out and enjoy! Praying so fervently for good results for you!

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