Sleeping In

We had a very abrupt start to our morning when Brian jumped out of bed, looked at his clock, and exclaimed, "it's 7:09!" He normally leaves the house at 6:00, so this was very late. My sister was stopping by to pick up Camden at 7:30 so it was a mad dash to get Brian and Camden both out the door. Since I was up until 3:30 last night, 7:09 didn't seem late enough to me.

On the agenda for today is editing my photo session from Monday, maybe doing a little scrapping, some time with Rory reading books and coloring, and the treadmill. Have I mentioned my new love for the treadmill? Well, not really sure I'd call it love, but for the first time in my life I'm finding a real sense of satisfaction by walking every day and working up a sweat. It's been almost 4 weeks, and I've only missed 2 days. Considering one of those days I had chemo and one was Sunday, I don't feel badly about those misses.

One picture from yesterday

I may be woefully behind on my photography class, but I did find time to scrap two pages in recent days.

I have to say this one was kind of strange. I went back and copied the journaling from my blog post. Obviously, things did not turn out quite like we were planning when I started that first round of chemo. I don't think I could have imagined not only difficult the next 5 months would be, but also that I would come to the end of that 5 months essentially to find nothing resolved and, in fact, be in a worse place physically. But I decided to still scrap it with journaling from what I was feeling on that day and not how I feel on this day.


And this one was just fun. :)


I'm glad you scrapped that chemo page to stay true to the way you felt THAT DAY. It's good to remember your true feelings on all of the days--good and bad! And when you and the kids look back on this, the true story will be told!
I can't even imagine sleeping until 7:09... isn't that sad?! Even with the stress, I bet it was worth it???

And I agree with Elizabeth... I'm happy to see you scrapped the page the way you did. It makes my heart sing.

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