Friday Photo Dump

I didn't end up with quite as many photos as I thought to "dump" here, but that's only because I decided one set needed an entire blog post of their own. :)

First up, the kids talking to Grandpa on his birthday and singing happy birthday to him over the phone. I was glad my camera was close by because they were too cute.

Next is Rory playing dress up. (Becky, these are the pics I took while we were on the phone yesterday.) In the first picture, she's trying not to smile. The second one she's out of focus, but she's showing me her baby's hair accessories. The third one she's just kind of done.

Earlier this week I asked Rory to go get dressed, and this is what she came out in: knee socks, pink pajama top and a pair of bloomers that go with a dress. And while I didn't ask her to pose (at this point in the day anyway), I did pull out the camera when I came into the room and found her "reading" Tangled.

If you pick your child up from school in a car rider line, have you ever noticed how joyful children are as they leave school? Mine is anyway, and not because he's happy to be out of school necessarily or because there is a snack waiting for him in the car (which is fruit way more often than he'd like). He's usually just happy to be with his friends, finishing up a day. Many times I wish I had my camera to snap pics, but I figure the other parents might think I was a little crazy. So yesterday was Fire Prevention Day and he came out of school with this hat on, just as happy as could be. These pictures don't exactly replicate his expression, but he does still look happy anyway.

Brian and I are going to dinner tonight and then we have tickets for the Casting Crowns concert, and I could not be more excited. I am really looking forward to a grown-up evening. As much as I love my kids, I'm feeling a little weary of Star Wars, Dora, and Elmo's World. Hope your weekend is fantastic!


Have a great time at the concert tonight!!! Must have been a fire safety bonanza across the southeast this week. My boys got a visit from the firefighters and have been telling me all about "stop, drop and roll".
Mayme said…
Have a great date night!
Brenda Shearon said…
Have a wonderful evening and enjoy! Hey, Sunday let Rory pick out her clothes, I would love to see what she would wear:)
Oh... I love the series of pics with them on the phone... adorable! I hope you have SO MUCH FUN at the concert... you deserve it! Have a great weekend!
Vicky said…
Your kids always look genuinely happy and naturally so. Grown up nights sure make a difference in my relationship, we couldn't get by without them! Casting Crowns would be a real treat and I hope you had a fabulous time! Enjoy your weekend!
Grace said…
your kiddos are just so beautiful...and these pictures are gorgeous! my favorite is rory with her jazzercize headband ;)

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