Tuesday's Tidbits

Rory at supper one night last week (with one finger held up in the air): "I have a hypofesis! When we go camping, Jesus and God can take care of mommy." Apparently, they say "hypothesis" on Dinosaur Train. Who knew.

Brian commented that a third of the prayer requests for Clearview Church involved cancer, and Camden piped up and said, "Yeah, the cancer sure has hit hard this year."

My heart broke one night last week as I laid in bed with Rory while she prayed, "Help me not to be so scared of my mama's cancer." How do I tell her not to be scared when I'm scared myself?

I have literally been waiting all summer long to make these oreo-stuffed brownies. There is nothing I like better than oreos. In fact, toss a little coffee ice cream in with oreos, and I am in heaven. Anyway, been waiting all summer for an event to make the brownies to coincide with my feeling good. Made them for the cookout Saturday at Liz's house, and they were barely so-so. Can we say disappointing? All that time I wasted in anticipation.

I spent spent most of yesterday in doctor's offices. Spent the morning at the dentist; the afternoon at Camden's pediatrician for his 8 year check-up; and sandwiched in between them both, I got to be there when my youngest sister and her husband found out this:


Camden's 8 year physical was also good. We literally haven't seen the doctor since his 6 year appointment. In the last 2 years he has grown (drum roll, please) SEVENTEEN pounds and SIX inches! He's always been on the low end of the growth charts, but he is now firmly at 50th percentile for BMI, height, and weight.

I have discovered if you add a little dollop of homemade fudge sauce to your iced coffee (every morning at 9:00), it makes it even better than just the regular PW iced coffee recipe.

And I scrapped with the lovely October BYOC from The Lilypad.




Renee T. said…
How exciting! A baby girl on the way for your sister :) ---Renee T.
Krista said…
beautiful scrapbooking pages (the last one esp)
prayers prayers and more prayers.
"the cancer sure is hitting hard this year"!!!!!!!!!! That is hilarious. And of course awful. But so funny that he said it. And my heart nearly broke for Rory when I read her prayer, but I am so glad that she knows who to take her fears to--you taught her that!!! You do an amazing job with those kids.
Amy said…
Congratulations to Michael and Liz!! I can only imagine how excited your whole family is about a sweet baby girl!
Lori! said…
Congratulations Aunt Melissa!!!! SO SO SO exciting. But I'm bummed about the brownies. :(
It is so true that the Spirit knits our hearts together.....I read your blogs out loud to my husband usually and this one brought me to tears. And laughter. You have an amazing family.
Talk about a serious case of highs and lows...

Bad brownies (low), It's a girl (high!), Scared Rory (low), Fudge in Iced Coffee (high!)

Whew... aren't you exhausted?! :-)
Laura said…
I am pretty sure my mouth was watering when you mentioned the oreo brownies....so sad that they weren't that grand.
Congrats to your sister!!!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Love that photo!
And my heart breaks with yours over Rory's prayer. My goodness...
To end on a happy note, I used to work for a chocolate shop when I lived in Chicago. One of the shop's specialties was "espresso Oreo ice cream." It wasn't just any ice cream, mind you... we had the most delicious vanilla ice cream that we put in these giant GIANT KitchenAid mixers. We started mixing, and then poured in pitchers of freshly-brewed espresso. Then came the packages and packages of Oreos. It was nothing short of amazing. I hope to recreate it for you someday :)

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