Tuesday's Tidbits

Keeping with the spirit that she must do everything Camden does, Rory has started trying to tell us what time it is. Unfortunately, she cannot tell time. Which means she gives us an update of every number on the clock (usually out of order) approximately every 15 seconds. I remember when Camden went through this stage. At one point, he sat and watched the clock for something like 30 minutes and gave me an update every single time it changed.

I was in no mood to appreciate this last week as I started chemo up again, but now that I've had a little time to adjust to the idea of needing more treatment, here's something funny that happened. You know how I've mentioned that steroids make me chatty? You've all been the recipient of my chattiness when I've blogged late at night because there was no one awake to talk to, as well as the women sitting with me during chemo forced to listen to me because it's not like there's anywhere they can escape. Well, last week, one of the women in the chemo room just would not stop talking (despite the fact that not many were listening). Not listening until she announced she was bi-polar that is.

I had three really sweet blessings yesterday. First of all I felt well enough to have a photoshoot with my friend. And you all know that taking pretty pictures makes me feel happy. It also wore me out to pieces, but I loved doing it and I love the pictures that I've uploaded to my computer.

The second blessing was that two sweet friends from church stopped by last night to bring me a little gift and let me know they were thinking and praying about me. Sometimes it's just nice to hear.

The third was knowing that my husband fasted and prayed for me yesterday. He designated it Melissa Monday. :)

Camden's first field trip of the year is today. Unfortunately, I won't be going because I have this little thing called chemo to tend to today. He was not too disappointed because this means he gets to be  in a little group of friends with his teacher Mrs. H. Whatever they're paying her, it is not going to be enough to make it through today if his friends are anywhere near as excited as he is.


And I think their class t-shirts this year are really cute.

Shabby Miss Jenn Designs: Snuggle Up


You have a very sweet husband! I like his idea of Melissa Mondays! I would absolutely be willing to fast and pray for you on Mondays! Who else is with me???
Renee T. said…
Camden looks so grown up in that picture! I hope his class had a great field trip :)

-- Renee
Awww... field trips! I remember when I had those! :-) (And those shirts are super cute!)

I love the idea of Melissa Mondays!

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