Our Weekend

I feel almost guilty when I say that we had a good weekend because while the kids had a great weekend, and mine was decent, poor Brian spent most of the time either (a) working on lessons for next week or (b) stressed out about lessons for next week. In case I haven't said this before, I love him so much; he is a talented teacher and works SO incredibly hard for our family. And our education system just plain stinks. Teacher have unreasonable demands placed on them by the government, and sometimes being a teacher (or a teacher's spouse) just stinks. This would be one of those weeks. Brian has worked really hard this week (and every week) not to mention having the stress of my cancer situation weighing heavy on him while dealing with behaviorally-challenged 4th graders, not to mention spending most of the weekend at the kitchen table in preparation for an evaluation this week.


The rest of us, however, had a pretty good weekend. Camden had a sleepover Friday night (his first one ever), and had a blast. Rory did not like being left behind, but we explained one or twelve times that Camden is 8 years old and she is 5. She had a soccer game Saturday morning, and while we have yet to win a game (or really score any goals), she had lots of fun playing. Saturday afternoon was spent enjoying the lovely fall weather and included a soccer game in our front yard, a quick attempt at a family picture, and the sound of giggling and screams of joy streaming through my open window. My Saturday also involved a little crafting. Are you intrigued? Because we all know that Melissa plus crafting does not usually equal success or a good time. Maybe I'll finish it up this week and post a picture.

By the way, I find it really funny that the week I post a picture of Camden with his blanket and giraffe is the week that he told me in no uncertain terms that he was not taking them with him to his friend's house for the sleepover. :)

Sunday was church, and I found myself just worn out and on the couch most of the day. Most days, even good ones, I have to pace myself and sometimes getting up and getting the kids fed and ready to go are all I can manage, and yesterday was one of those days. It's not that I was having a bad day really, I just found myself without the mental and emotional energy to leave my little cocoon.

As proof of not only the beautiful weather, but also those screams of joy I mentioned earlier, here are a few pictures from Saturday.




Can't you just hear their giggles?



Does the floating hand floating over Rory's head crack anyone else up?






Great, great pics of those kids! My sister teaches middle school and I can totally related to the planning and personal time they have to put into their job!!
Vicky said…
oh my gosh, if we could just 'bottle" their energy... sigh... I hear you on the lack of energy and drive... ugh. I just begged a friend to come rescue me from being trapped in my summer decorations and to transform me into fall :)

You are truly talented in capturing the "essence" of your kids.. I think I can see right down to their souls in your pictures!
Renee T. said…
Melissa- these pictures are great...I love the happy expressions!
-- Renee
KrisJ said…
I love that they were having so much fun with each other!
Amy said…
I can totally relate to and sympathize with Brian! It's ridiculous how many extra (and mostly unnecessary) things are dumped on teachers. If they would only just let you teach! Hope his evaluation goes well this week!
Joanne said…
such beautiful pics-- it's the simplest things that bring the most joy. nothing like kid's laughter!
Beautiful, beautiful photos... you can definitely feel their joy!

And I believe teachers are truly some unnoticed heroes. Hoping it's eased up a little for him.

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