Win #3

We spent Friday night at the ball field and Camden's team won (with no extra innings this time). It's so fun to see him learn and improve and have fun! He got on base every time he was at bat and had multiple runs. He was also responsible for numerous outs at first base. I'm telling you - the action is at first base! Tired of my baseball recaps yet?

We went to see How To Train Your Dragon Saturday afternoon and there were plenty of dragons, swords, vikings, etc. to seriously captivate Camden's attention. Rory vacillated between being slightly scared of the dragons and completely bored with the whole experience. We finished up the afternoon with a pizza picnic in the front yard.

Sunday was our annual Homecoming service and our former pastor is here this week. We had a good service and then spent the evening with him reminiscing about all the good times we had together and solving the world's problems.

On today's agenda is a whole lot of nothing besides time on the treadmill, laundry, and some cooking for a church meal tomorrow night. Hope your Monday is slightly more exciting than mine!


Elizabeth Frick said…
Glad you guys have a calm week ahead :)
And GO Camden!
Love the picnic. That gives me an idea...
KrisJ said…
WOOHOO Camden!!! Sounds like he is a super sporter!!
Go Camden!! I love the quote "and solving all the world's problems"! Can I get some of my problems on the agenda for next time?! ;-)

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