Park Pictures

On Tuesday I met Joy and Sumner at the park for a play date. Joy recently bought a D90 and we were comparing tips and tricks. Not sure what we were thinking since getting technically good photos in full sunlight is pretty much impossible, but it was fun talking about it, and the girls had alot of fun playing together.

Very interested in a tiny little stick.

She was NOT ready to go home. Look at her sweaty red face with the dirt on her nose. Cracks me up.


Joy said…
Your pictures turned out so good! LOVE the one of Rory on the stairs! Yes, we will have to try again in a "shady" place! LOL

Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend!
You got some great shots! It's a shame that sun and photos don't mix, isn't it?!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Oh my gosh, that last photo is a stitch!!!

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