Is It Monday Already?

I'm running a little behind this morning because I slept in until 6:00 (how sad is it that 6:00 is considered sleeping in) so here's just a short list of what we're up to today.

Purchasing tickets for me, my mom, and sisters to see Beth Moore in June
Trying to put the house back together after a weekend at home
Making a dentist appointment for Brian (his new filling came out)
Making a doctor's appointment for Camden (eczema and allergies)
Grocery store for a few necessities
Gymnastics tonight


Dani Mogstad: Tea for Two

Dani Mogstad: Just Stay Little


Amanda said…
I am right there with you in the laundry. Somehow Monday has officially become laundry day around here.
Funny, we have piles of laundry to work through here too...
Elizabeth Frick said…
Hmm... do you have some laundry to do today? I'm not clear on that... ;)
And man, you guys go to the dentist a lot! I'm so sorry!
Amy said…
Randall and I just talked about the tea party last night at church. He then let me listen to the message Rory left on his cellphone. You could tell he was so proud of it!

You will love the Beth Moore conference in June. She is so awesome to hear in person. I'm so jealous you all are getting to go!!

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