A Slow Week

This week has had a much more relaxed schedule, which has been a nice change. Wednesday I took Rory to storytime at the library (this is the first time we've been since Christmas!). I need to work on my crafting skills because I could not figure out the flamingo we were working on. Not that it mattered because all Rory wanted was to "DO IT MYSELF." Thursday we had an early haircut for Rory and then a make-up gymnastics class last night. Today is clean-the-house-from-top-to-bottom day. I had a big photo trip planned for tomorrow, plus a park trip for the kids and also a trip to the post office to renew Camden's passport (which we somehow let expire!), but our weather people are calling for severe thunderstorms and possibly tornado warnings so I'm thinking we'll be stuck at home instead.

Enjoy your weekend!

Gina Miller: Wild Honey


Wow - that's one of your busiest layouts I've seen in a while! (I love it, but it's surprising!)

Bummer about the weather getting in your way tomorrow. :-/
Elizabeth Frick said…
We've got rain today too :( Sigh... guess I'll clean the house.
Krista said…
LOVE this layout! (I'm marking it for future reference!)

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