A Short List

Camden must be going through a growth phase because he is inhaling food faster than I can get it in front of him.

I'm discovering that warm spring days mean twice the bath times and twice the laundry.

In the last 4 days I have made a triple layer chocolate espresso cake, homemade chicken pot pie with real crust, a BBQ chicken pizza from scratch, a pepperoni pizza from scratch, homemade spaghetti sauce (for 25 people), and a chocolate cake and icing (also from scratch). If you knew how much I generally despise the kitchen, you would know this is quite a feat for me. Church potlucks are about to do me in.

I'm this close to giving in to Rory's request for short hair. Although she did tell me Sunday that she wants to "cut it like Miss Shelly's. And I really like the color." Miss Shelly's hair happens to be blonde and highlighted.

You know you've been busy when your 3 year old begs to "just stay home all day long."

Sneak peek from our play date with Joy and Sumner. They were very busy copying each other.
This is Joy's photo - I haven't managed to get mine uploaded and edited.


I think Rory would look adorable with short hair!
Joy said…
Ellis is the same way - I cannot fill him up!!

Are you getting all those great recipes out of the PW cookbook? I'm still have it on my hold list at the library. May have to break down and buy it.

Enjoyed our playdate! Thanks again for all the photo tips! : )
Elizabeth Frick said…
Whew! You've been busy. And now I'm hungry...
Krista said…
I need to go to one of your Church dinners - yum!

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