No Easter Pics

I hope everyone's Easter weekend was as lovely as ours. We attended a Good Friday service Friday night; I was able to escape the house for a short time and get a new haircut Saturday and Camden had (yet another) baseball practice. Sunday was church, an egg hunt after church and then a relaxed afternoon at Gram and Gramp's house. I could have skipped dressing Camden and Rory up since I failed to get any decent pictures of them in their coordinating-but-not-matching Easter Sunday outfits (see previous post). :) I did manage to get a few of them just having a good time at Gram and Gramp's house so I'm going to just be okay with that (and maybe dress them up another time for one more try).

It's possible these two have been in front of a camera before since they did this for us with no prompting.

Definitely the best picture I've taken of these four
Cute baby goat

She was mad that she didn't get to be the pitcher
Playing catcher

Holding the baby goat

Feeding the baby goat

And, seriously, that's about all I got - no Easter pics.


Joy said…
Don't feel bad - our "Easter pictures" are being made Saturday at a friend's house. And I still may not get any good ones! LOL!
Elizabeth Frick said…
That photo of the kids and the grandparents is AMAZING! A framer for sure :)
And I love Rory's yellow dress - beautiful!
Mayme said…
That ain't no happy child that didn't get to be the pitcher:)
I love the shot of the grands! And Spencer loves the shots of the goats... as in, he wants to kiss them all day long.

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