Tea Party

Bro. Randall has been promising Rory a Mountain Dew tea party all week. She carried her little cups around all day yesterday, and as promised, he provided the ThrowBack Mountain Dew. We've loved having him around this week. Good friends are hard to find and it has reminded us once again how much we have missed having his family in our lives.

Camden got in on the action too.


Melissa L. said…
Those pictures are absolutely precious.
How sweet is that?! And man, with the coffee-like cup... you totally get a glimpse of Camden in his early adult years! ;-)
Amanda said…
Very sweet!
Elizabeth Frick said…
How adorable and fun!
Amy said…
I knew I liked Randall for some reason. He's man enough to have a tea party and even pose for pictures while doing it! I think you guys should plan a trip to NC to visit Randall and Colette and us!!!

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