Goodbye, pigtails

Goodbye, curls

Goodbye, long(ish) hair ( and fake smile)

Hello, new "shoat hair like mommy's"

This is how she describes her short hair every time you tell her you like it.

I can't tell you how many times she's asked for short hair like mine in the last several months. And now that she's got it, I've heard dozens of times today already "I've got shoat hair like yoooouuuu."


Elizabeth Frick said…
DARLING!!! Love it.
Joy said…
ADORABLE!!!! : )
Amy said…
Oh, I love it!!!
Kelly said…
LOVE IT!!!!!!! The short hair frames her adorable face so well!
joelsgirl said…
I feel very sad about this, Melissa. I think you should lose your mom-of-a-little-girl privileges for a while, but darn it she does look cute.
Oh, I adore it!!! She's so cute with the shorter 'do!
KrisJ said…
OMG we cut Malias hair today too!! How funny is that!! Looks like they are about twinners!! So funny. She looks so dang cute!!
M :-) said…
I absolutely love it! I want to cut Molly's hair off, but I'm afraid! Also, would Rory like to come and teach Molly how to pose? I try, and she just looks away from me. LOL!

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