Who knew?

Camden is a sweet boy. Always has been. Except when he's not. And when he's not, he's really not. We've had a rough couple of weeks that have left me in tears more than once. I took him to the doctor for his allergies and eczema Tuesday (his first "sick" visit since 2007, by the way!). After using Zyrtec for several years for allergies, we've recently switched to Claritin since Zyrtec seemed to have completely stopped working. His crazy eczema spots have also become out of control in those few weeks. Imagine my surprise when the doctor informed me Zyrtec had been helping control the eczema;Claritin does not. And my extreme surprise when he asked us if we'd had any behavior changes with Camden in the last several weeks. He does not recommend Claritin for children under the age of 12 because of the adverse side effects. He said they turn children into mean/angry people. That would describe Camden perfectly the last several weeks. Now, I'm not naive enough to think that the Claritin is responsible for everything in Camden's attitude, but it made me feel so much better to know that it wasn't all his fault (or his mama's). In the two days that he's been off Claritin, there's been a drastic change in his behavior and attitude. So we've got a new steroid cream for his eczema and an Allegra prescription to use until he can take Zyrtec again. Who knew a little over-the-counter allergy medicine could have such an affect on a 6 year old's behavior!

This weekend is (inter)National Scrapbooking Day and there are lots of online activities, including a TON of sales and new releases from the designs I create pages for. So I have spent alot of time this week trying to keep up with all of them, and the first wave of designs are available today. I generally try to spend the day camped out in front of the computer trying to keep up with all the games and challenges and new designs. This day always makes me remember the first NSD three years ago. We were in Missouri with Becky after her breast cancer diagnosis and it's the day I got her hooked on scrapping. I think it provided a welcome relief for both of us, and it's now become a shared hobby we can discuss for hours!

Here's the first round of new goodies. They are both available at Shabby Miss Jenn Designs and are on sale (50% off) this weekend.

And then I took a break from assignments and scrapped just for fun, and it's my new favorite.

The Lilypad: April BYOC


Joy said…
OH MY! I have never heard that about Claritin, but it could certainly explain Ellis' behavior between 2 and 4. The dr we had then put him on it and a fairly high dose too! You may have just solved the behavior mystery for us!

Hope the Zyrtec helps Camden with his eczema and allergies. This has been a tough spring to have any kind of allergy.
joelsgirl said…
Poor guy! I'm so glad you figured out what the deal was. I'm so getting SMJ's new kits and one of her new templates thanks to your enabling. Continue doing your job so well. :)
Brenna said…
Thank you! The Claritin issue is news to me. Glad to know it, as I've had two of my kids on it for long stretches off and on. We'll be switching back to Zyrtex ASAP~ because what kid needs extra behavior challenges caused by meds?!
Elizabeth Frick said…
This is the second nightmare Claritin story I've heard this week! Scary stuff. I'm glad he's better now :)
KrisJ said…
Ya Maddie is on Claritin right now and it makes her moopy and cranky. But Zyrtec was worse for her. Makes them a hot mess!!
Oh man, I really hope that we don't have to go down the allergy treatment route...

Love the layouts! Now I'm really thinking I should get started on scrapping... it's a SALE! ;-)

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