Shootin' Hoops

Even at 8 months of age, Camden's favorite toy was a ball. As he got a little older, the ball continued to be a constant favorite. He didn't have much interest in anything else including cars and trucks. For his second birthday, my parents bought him a little basketball goal and he played and played and played with that ball and goal non-stop.

Somewhere around age 3, he picked up a baseball bat and his love for basketball was replaced with baseball . . .

(could he BE any cuter?)

. . . until about two weeks ago. Now he plays basketball every day as soon as he gets home from school. And he's quite intense about it.

(We bought this full-size goal for him for his 5th birthday and he hasn't touched it until now.)

Not to be outdone, Rory pulled out the original plastic basketball goal (that is amazingly enough still standing) and plays a little ball right next to him.

I wonder how long the phase will last this time.


Joy said…
LOL! Ellis and Sumner are the same way! Basketball every day - except our Little Tikes goal is in my foyer since we have nowhere else to put it. Going to have to move it soon because the Big Kid (aka Daddy) keeps breaking things. ; )
Elizabeth Frick said…
Look at tiny Camden! What a cutie! And I love the intensity in both kids' eyes while they're shooting baskets. Although that first pic of Camden throwing a baseball... it almost looks like his shoulder is all dislocated. eek!
Oh my gosh... love little Camden and big Camden photos in juxtaposition!

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