Who is this big kid?

Yesterday was Camden's big graduation picture day, and it was funny to pull up to school and see all the kids dressed up in their "adult" clothes. When he got dressed, it was impossible to ignore how big he's getting. And then when I uploaded the pictures I took, it was even more obvious. Seriously. When did he get to be so big? It feels like I blinked my eyes and he grew up. And I do fully realize this is only the beginning.


Joy said…
Oh my goodness, Camden looks so grown up in that photo!

Yes, our kids are growing up way too fast. But my mom likes to remind me that I did too. ; ) All we can do is enjoy every second - and take LOTS of pictures!!
Elizabeth Frick said…
What a little MAN he is! Parenting is so tough and so wonderful all wrapped into one cute little package that slips from our hands way too quickly...
M :-) said…
Oh my goodness - he looks so grown up! He is SO handsome.
Whoa!!! He's still one heck of a cutie no matter how old he looks!

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