Sibling Behavior

Because Camden is on spring break, we have not had a normal schedule. For instance, Monday included our outdoor adventure, grocery shopping, and gymnastics. Tuesday we spent several hours in the dentist office and then baseball practice in the afternoon. Wednesday I worked and the kids went to Gram and Gramps.

In the midst of it all, they've argued non-stop. I am assuming this is normal sibling behavior, but these kiddos are driving me insane with their arguing and fighting. It generally begins when I have the audacity to ask them to play together. Camden decides that he's in charge of all the rules. And there are many of them. Rory's not a big fan of that. Camden is very particular about the rules. Rory is 3 and doesn't understand his 6 year old rules, not to mention she has her own idea about what the rules should be. Rory starts screeching at him. Camden runs to tell on her. I try to make peace. Unsuccessfully. Camden decides he no longer wants to play with her. Rory retaliates by knocking down his lego tower/hitting him/being downright ugly. Camden yells. They both get in trouble. I throw in all the verses we've been learning that have phrases like peacemaker, soft answer, no complaining/arguing, well-pleasing to the Lord.
I try to stay sane. Repeat, etc., repeat.

Sometimes, however, they actually get along, and it's almost worth all the fighting it took to get there.

(these are the sleep masks from our Korean Air flight to Seoul, by the way)


Amanda said…
I feel your pain. I hear lots of fighting around my place too. Emma is just now getting in the habit of coming to tattle on the older 2 and it drives me insane most days but those sweet moments they play together do make it worth it. I have found that the oldest 2 play the best together when they are outside. They don't fight as much and are actually nice to each other.
Elizabeth Frick said…
Wait, siblings fight? Uh oh... ;)
I totally recognized those sleep masks! Can't wait to get another...
Joy said…
Just change the ages to 5 and 2 1/2 and you have our house. So nuce to know I am not alone. ; )
Oh, this reminds me of my childhood... love it!
Krista said…
I actually had my Korean Air mask on last night!

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