Finally Friday

As a stay at home mom, Friday's don't generally mean a whole lot to me. Today, however, I'm ready for Friday. We've had a busy week with revival every night the first half of the week; last night we spent nearly 3.5 hours at the ballfield watching two of the kids from Brian's youth group play. I'm very ready to have a quiet evening at home with no plans other than an early bedtime for the kids (who are seriously feeling these late nights) and maybe a movie for the grown-ups.

The other reason I'm glad it's Friday is that I'm meeting my friends for lunch. When I was working, we had a group of 7 called Lunch Bunch and we'd have lunch once a month. It was just about my favorite time each month. It became kind of a joke to find the craziest places to eat lunch. Places like White Trash Cafe and Nashville institutions like Ellison Place Soda Shop. In the 2 years since I've been off work, we have one member in Laos, one in Canada, and another who will be taking a new job in June. They are dear, dear friends and I miss our monthly lunches! We still manage to get together several times a year for lunch even though we're all scattered. In fact, our friend in Laos is already planning our June lunch while he's still in Laos!

Have a wonderful weekend. I plan to. :)

Leora Sanford/Ange Designs: Romantic


I miss my lunch group so much! We're all over the country now, and it's impossible...
Elizabeth Frick said…
How fun to have a group that lunches together :)
Krista said…
It is so hard to get together with friends isn't it?!
And what a perfectly simple scrap page - love it!

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