A Night at the Ball Field

We had a fun night at the ball field last night. Because of an unfortunate broken arm incident with one of our players, Camden is now playing first base, which means he gets alot of action since first base is where it all happens in the 5-6 year old games. He did such a great job! It was a two hour game because of a tied game and extra innings and he only let 2 balls get past him! By the way, I was informed last week that baseball does not have overtime; they have extra innings. :) We ended up losing the game by 1 and had some crazy things happen at the end of the game plus a few parents who were taking it much too seriously, but it was still fun. And we'll do it all again tonight. The best part was having my sister there to watch the game and to laugh with her about Camden's little quirks. For instance, only my son would thoroughly wipe off the dugout bench before sitting down every. single. time.


Ha! Camden... you crack me up! Did he not want to get his pants dirty?!
Elizabeth Frick said…
GO CAMDEN! Way to rock first base! Love the bench-cleaning :)

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