Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blogging, Not Blogging

Blogging feels awkward these days.

Not blogging feels a bit like abandoning an old friend.

In this season of life it doesn't feel necessary to jot down every cute quip (and that's only partially because they don't say nearly as many cute things). The kiddos (even that is strange - can I still call a 12 and 9 year old kiddos?) are more likely to say "don't put that on your blog!" Rory still likes the attention, but Camden is feeling the need for privacy.

But they also still love to read my words. Not a week goes by that they don't pull out blog books from previous years and pore over the pictures and words. Rory giggles and retells the stories; Camden quietly takes in the tougher subjects.

Here's the truth. I have less to share because life is both busy and unexciting at the same time. I cannot distinguish between what is important to remember and what will be meaningless in 20 years when Camden and Rory are grown with families of their own.

There is also this: the presentation of his back when the camera comes out. 
(hot chocolate and hot tea on a snow day last week)

Another sign Camden and Rory are growing up? They stayed at home all by their lonesome for two full work days this week. I just could not find a babysitter and maybe it was time to flex their independence muscle. Mostly, they were bored despite the very long "to do" list they requested.

I am home all alone this Wednesday for the first time in weeks, and it is blissful. I've popped in my earbuds and have been working my way through favorite podcasts while I clean and straighten. Last week I had the privilege of starting off a work day by sitting in on a Skype call with Singapore and ended the day in a creative planning meeting for the D6 Conference. Last night, we celebrated our team and listened to Robby Gallaty's incredible testimony and challenge. 

Life could definitely be worse.


Sam Henderson said...

Every day, ordinary, "run-of-the-mill"...boring?
Never! In the absence of a storm, we don't wish for a storm.
And in the absence of hustle and bustle that so often crowds our day,
we shouldn't WISH for mere busyness, and stress.

I, too, am learning to "Hearken unto this...stand still,
and consider the wondrous works of God.
(Job 34:17)

Thanks for "chatting with me"...!


Norman said...

Thanks for "talking" to us, Melissa!

MyEbella aka Kim said...

Call it stalking but I live popping in every few days seeing what's been going on, seeing how you guys are handling things and striving myself to do better! Jealous that I'm never better about jotting down these every day moments....even with their backs turned they will love reading these every day stories later!

MyEbella aka Kim said...
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Vicky said...

I sit down to read, and work on updating my own blog, and feel like I have so much to catch up on... and then I discover I don't. A handful of people have blogged, since I last checked. I wonder about the bigger picture of so many of us starting to cut back? I also have to say to my boys, "I won't blog this, I just want a photo for myself."

Am grateful to have these updates from you! xoxo

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

I'm struggling to pinpoint what is going on in the blogging world... but this seems to be a far-reaching concept/concern these days. Is it because everyone except for me is on Facebook? Or Twitter? Or what? I'm not sure... but I would be really, really sad if you stopped blogging. But hey, it would make me hop a flight to you probably!