There was a girl with a curl in her hair

I've been wanting to try sponge rollers in Rory's hair (which is as stubbornly straight as possible). Rory was pretty excited - she thought that the curlers were like hairbows and we would leave them in. She was quite disappointed when I told her she couldn't wear them to gymnastics. The curlers weren't totally successful. She had some curls when I took them out, but I need some help fixing it, and it was humid enough outside that they had completely fallen out by the time we arrived at gymnastics class. If anyone with little girls has any good suggestions, leave me a comment!

I think she was a tad excited.

Mommy clearly doesn't know what to do with curls.

The one-eyed fake grin


Joy said…
Hmm...I grew up in the very humid South and Mom always did 'pin curls' in my hair. I had short, thick stick straight hair. To get it to stay, I would have to sleep in them - very uncomfortable! Maybe if you get Rory's in the Bobby pins you could mist them and blow dry them??

Rory looks so cute in curls!!!
Riggs Tribe said…
I have been curling Emma's hair (which is straight as can be) with my curling iron set on a low setting. I spray a little hairspray while it is being curled and it actually holds really well. I sit her in the bathroom in a chair and she looks at the mirror acting live a diva!
Paula said…
I have found that if you spray her hair with water first then put the rollers in vertically then hairspray it good...let dry for several hours...maybe 4 or 5 (sometimes I use a blow dryer to speed up the drying)then take the rollers out (unrolling and pulling down so you get that ringlet). Rory is so adorable! I wish my 8 year old would still let me put rollers in her hair.
KrisJ said…
SO cute!! I curl Malias hair all the time with a tiny curler but before I curl I add some mouse and then some hairspray after and it will stay even through a nap!!
I cant wait to see a pic of her in her new red dress isnt it so dang cute!! I think its awesome she thought Malia was her because there are so many times I think they look so alike!
Jaime said…
Have her sleep in them overnight with a winter hat on (an adult one to fit over the curlers) in the morning take off the hat, spray her hair with hairspray and blow dry for a few minutes. Take them out and then spray again once it is styled. That should help :) She is darling!
Jaime said…
forgot to add that you can use a light gel or mousse too when her hair is wet and then roll them.
Maria said…
Having JUST lived through this, I second ALL the tips:

1. Roll hair while wet/damp with some mousse on each strip. Roll smaller pieces on smaller rollers (it's gonna fall a bit anyway when you comb it)
2. Spray hair spray ALL over it as it is drying.
3. Roll them tight and either down or sideways.

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