Third times a charm

We headed back to Vanderbilt this morning for the 3rd time, and Rory finally passed her hearing test with flying colors. They also did a brief speech evaluation and she tested at almost age 4, so she's doing great (which we knew). She had already surpassed most of the milestones in expressive and receptive language for a 4 year old; we just still need to work on pronunciation a bit.

I snapped this picture of Rory yesterday - she's VERY into "wipstick" these days. And can I just say that I never imagined I'd be the mother who let her 2 year old daughter wear lipstick in public, but it makes her happy and I've decided it's not a big deal, although I do put my foot down when she tries to get into my eyeliner and mascara. :)


Jess said…
She is a cutie!!! We are adopting from South Korea and are waiting for our little girl Emma. She should travel in November. I am lens shopping for my camera and wondered if you could tell me what lens you are using? Thanks so much!
Ummm... does anyone else think we just got a sneak preview of Rory as a teenager?! Adorable!
Anonymous said…
totally adorable!! my 4 yr old dd LOVeees "lips" too lol

Lisa S.

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